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Wedding Cake
Our Wedding Cake!

I love the first cake.(cake 1)....However I really like number 2 and 3.....can I get any suggestions ladies?
kristah's Green wedding
 |  Surrey, BC, Canada  |  01/02/2011  | 
I like #1 best, it's so striking, but not overdone.
The second is really pretty, but you don't see the detail so much in pictures or from a distance.
pucca9007's Purple wedding
 |  Lanham, MD, USA  |  01/02/2011  | 
I think #1 is beautiful. My favorite of all of them. I do like the touch of flowers on top of cake #2 though.
kjvargas2011's Black wedding
 |  Hutto, TX, USA  |  01/04/2011  | 
Thanks ladies for the advice....YAY....NUMBER 1 it is.....
's  wedding
 |  Austin, TX, USA  |  01/17/2011  | 
Ok too crazy!! My colors were going to be purple and the picture of Cake 2 is the EXACT cake I found online that I wanted! I changed my colors to black and white, with yellow. Im still doing that cake just with black trim instead of purple. Your wedding will be beautiful!
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