Nov 23, 2009

I think we might have conclusively decided to maybe change venues.

Doesn't that sound promising?! =) All along we've been pretty sure we'd get married on a Lake Huron beach near Rogers City (one of the smallest towns on the Lake) and have the reception in the historic pavillion at the State Park. I've been worried about catering, and having to buy all of the place settings and then - GASP! - Do. The. Dishes. UGH! No way! And I can't see FI's family camping for the weekend. But I LOVE love LOVE that location.

Anyway, we got engaged at Black Star Farms last New Years and since then have been considering having a reception at the BSF Inn. It's absolutely gorgeous and has a dining room and ballroom that can serve up to, like 150+. And it might provide an opportunity for a multi-course wine pairing for a really unique, fun dinner. However, I have become 100% committed to the idea of a beach ceremony, and all year we've been unable to think of the "right" beach on Grand Traverse Bay. Well, DUH - why does it have to be on the Bay??? There are several amazing beaches on Lake Michigan that are only a 1/2 hour from the Inn! And I thought if we had it at BSF, it'd have to be in the winter, which would kind of kill my "water birds" theme. What is wrong with me and my dumb assumptions? We can still have a late summer wedding and the bird theme would go great with the decor at the Inn (Loons and terns are black & white and Great white herons are everywhere up there!) Just because the Inn itself is red & white doesn't foreclose a black-white-sand-sky blue color scheme inside.

I'm pretty excited. If we can afford it *crossing fingers* this seems to meet all of our needs & desires.

So I think it's the perfect place. Profile changing in 3... 2...
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Footprints in the sand
Lk MI Beach
Here is how I think I can combine some very elegant details with a beachy - outdoors setting. Lots of candlelight, gorgeous flowers & feathers on the tables, and muted colors. I think I like it!

Credit goes to Lisa Vorce for the photos, which I think I found on
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Crystal outdoors
Crystal at night
Crystal by Lisa Vorce
Crystal table
So I've been a "green" bride for a while....
I started out as a "blue" bride....
I think I might have been an "orange" bride for a minute...

And I'm back to blue. Sky blue, sandy brown, antique silver and all colors of beach stones. I do love the orange details, too!
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Project wedding pic
Stephanie Tudor photo


I bought this dress last week!!!!! Jim Hjelm 8716 - I canNOT believe I did it!!!!! I fell in love with it the minute I walked in the door to the salon and saw it on the dress form. I didn't want to love it but I couldn't help it. Please tell me that silk satin is not totally wrong on the beach? Please tell me this dress is not too insanely huge and formal for an outdoor wedding. Please tell me it's all going to be alright! =D
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Blue Wedding Dress BOUGHT IT!!!!!
I know, I know, "anOTHER inspiration board, Kristi???" Yes, another one. This one is from Oslo Press - check them out at

I LOVE it, and can't believe that someone's working on my ideas ;-)
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Inspiration Board Oslo press
Has anyone had the opportunity to see the latest MS collection (Fall 09, I think, or maybe Spring 09) in person? I really love Summer Royale! I hadn't considered Maggies before because they were so popular for a while and I just didn't want to risk having the same dress as someone else I know. BUT the new collection has some very unique designs! Sasha is another one of my favorites.

Any new Maggie brides out there? Pics to share? How do you feel about quality & value - are the materials nice? Any info is welcome ~ thanks!
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MS Summer Royale
MS Summer Royale1
MS Summer Royale2
MS Summer Royale3
I am SO excited! We actually bought something today for the wedding! It's our first wedding-related purchase - the groom's shirt. I know, something totally strange to start with and it was totally spontaneous but it is perfect. We couldn't have found something better if we had been shopping for it.

We actually went to Macy's last night for something else entirely and walked through the men's dept by this gorgeous off-white linen-ish blazer that had a really cool lion applique on the chest, and FH mentioned he liked it. Well, I liked it, too, but thought it was something he'd only wear once or twice so I dismissed it. But this morning he actually said it would be something he might like to wear for wedding attire! (??!!??!!! I didn't know he was actually THINKING about the wedding - we don't even have a date set yet!) So we went back this morning to buy it, but when he tried it on it didn't fit very well, but he also found this gorgeous blue tone-on-tone striped shirt that fit like he was the model. It is very light, both in color and in weight, and looks smokin' hot on my FH!

I know I should NOT be this excited about a men's dress shirt, but I am stoked =D Only you girls will understand. Oh, and if any of you run across any really cool casual sport coats send me a comment. Thanks in advance!
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Nordstrom blue dress shirt
Nordstrom Howe blazer
*UPDATE* We had a change of plans so I didnt' get to go to the trunk show afterall =( But hopefully I'll get to try on a few of these dresses when we're in Chicago NEXT weekend. I'll keep ya' posted.

We're going to Chicago next weekend to celebrate my birthday with some of FH's family, and while we're there I'm going to a Jim Hjelm trunk show! I'm really excited. The gowns to the left are my must-try-on's.

Any Jim Hjem brides out there willing to share your opinions, photos or experiences? Thanks in advance!
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JH8716 - so far my favorite, but possibly too extravagant for a beach wedding
JH8709 - beautiful! but probably won't flatter my figure.
Blue Wedding Dress Jim Hjelm
JH8750 - LOVE the balloon hem, but I'm afraid the beading is too much.
JH8750 Jacket - not a fan of the jacket, but it shows the top of the dress well.
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Inspiration Board 9
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Inspiration Board 8