Oct 30, 2008

I'm having a jewelry party next week and promised to serve a few appetizers & drinks. I LOVE to cook, and I'm usually full of new ideas for stuff like this, but for some reason have NO IDEA what to have at this party. I don't want to do the typical cheesy dips and chips. I probably have to work most, if not all of that day, so I really don't want to do anything TOO difficult, but not just wine & cheese either (although I think I could live on wine & cheese, with a little crusty bread to wash it down ;-)

What's on your cocktail hour menu, ladies? Or, if you're not having a cocktail hour, what's your favorite finger food?

(And yes, if you're wondering, I'm a MAJOR foodie - not just a dessert fanatic! Although please refrain from suggesting anything composed of strange imported animal parts. TY!)
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Wine & cheese
eponine923's Green wedding
Lancaster, PA, USA
Sounds like a fun night! I, too, LOVE to cook & entertain! I hosted a girl party about a month or so ago & served this chicken sate w/ peanut dipping sauce. I had no leftovers!! Everyone was raving about it! Here's the link:


I also love spanakopita, bruschetta & spring rolls. I'm a total foodie too! :-) Good luck & have a blast!
sohappytogether's Pink wedding
Gatineau, QC, Canada
I know you said you were looking for appetizers other than cheese.. but my girlfriends and I just had a get together and we whipped this up and it was DELICIOUS so I thought I'd share, plus it's really easy to make. Just put 1 or 2 wedges (depending on how many people you are serving) of Brie cheese in a oven safe dish and pour 1/2 cup to 1cup maple syrup (real maple syrup not the fake syrup stuff) over it and stir in a clove of minced garlic. Bake it in the oven until the Brie is pretty well melted. Serve with fresh baguette. I kno wit sounds a little weird but it was so good!!
mikeandmel's Pink wedding
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vegetarian samosas.  you can get them from Costco.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
I love shrimp skewers (just put 3 per skewer to stretch), or shrimp shooters (get the plastic/acrylic shot glasses from party store, half fill will cocktail sauce & hang a few shrim on rim of cup), fruit skewers, creamcheese pinwheels,  caprese, boneless chicken strips, veggie tray, chocolate covered strawberries....
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Also, Sams Club has these awesome battered green beans by TGIFridays in the frozen section.  You just heat them in the oven.  They're really good & different.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Anything you can bung in the oven is easy and quick especially when you are coming from work. Mini pizzas, chicken skewers, potato wedges, whats really nice to eat and so easy to make is simple cheddar cheese little squares and grapes on cocktail sticks, gorgeous, all the kids even eat these at any birthday parties I do LOL
japsey's Chocolate wedding
Manama, Al manamah, Bahrain
Is it a Premier Designs jewelrt party by chance? I used to work for Premier before being deployed. Both my sisters and my sister-in-law are in the business!!!! Anyway, my OTHER sister-in-law had a jewelry party through my sister and earned TONS of free jewelry for doing it. She ended up getting her bridesmaids pearl necklaces and bracelets!!!!!

As far as an appetizer I would DEFINATELY have cheese (I'm obsessed with the stuff) but also do a spinach dip with chips and maybe some jalepeno poppers! Don't have too much though because it will take the attention off of the jewelry. (I'm sure the jewelry lady told you this.) ;) Have fun!

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