Dec 8, 2009

"God is in the details," one of my design professors used to say. Being Christian, I took it as a compliment.

Every little detail in the wedding- the heart-shaped holes that the ribbon is threaded through on the program- takes a ton of thought and so much more value and meaning. My major problem here is OVERthinking everything and being too detailed. I'm pleased with the end result, but also sleep-deprived and behind in other areas.

Like the wreath, pictured to my left. It began with 5 flower paper punches, which led to different stamens(for the center) different shades of teal, all layered, and then iridescent paper, tissue paper, silver glittered- stamens... and then my mom said, "Are you doing this to all four wreaths?"

And that was it. I dropped it. She made two beautiful ribbon wreaths, which i look at everyday and the novelty has worn off- and this paper one hangs on our mantle.

And then I just started buying detailed things- like the red favor box, even though red is totally not one of my colors. The first thing people say is, "Wow!" when they see it. Its a deep red with tiny gold heart-shaped flecks, and each side says "double happiness" in Chinese, a traditional Chinese saying of well-wishers.

The other major downfall of diving into detail is knowing that the wedding is temporal and will last one day, and I'll be holding all my beautiful decorations in my arms as my family reminds me I'm moving and can't take it with me. And hit me even harder is the metaphor in that- we spend so much of our lives buying and shaping material items like houses and cars- and then in the end our bodies fail us and we leave it all behind. There's more to life than this. Wedding planning for me is suddenly life-practicing. Who am I? Why am I here?
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Deep thoughts, a lot to learn from this experience, and good you're getting all those lessons. God is in the details, but more so in the details of the heart, we all have to remember that as we plan our weddings, its the relationship that deserves all the work in the end.

Your big day is very close, please keep us posted! Congratulations!

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