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Wedding Dress

Galina Signature.

-This was not my #1 pick when waltzing into the Bridal Dress shop! I was completely captivated by Vera's "White Collection" until I tried them on. The fitting wasn't right (I know alterations would have adjusted it) but the Vera's didn't have the same 'Wow' effect upon me that this Galina Signature did.
skaduk's Black wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  03/17/2011  | 
enchantedbride's Purple wedding
 |  Johannesburg, 06, South africa  |  03/18/2011  | 
Beautiful! It happens that the dress sometimes looks so much better on you & that's of course what matters. :-)

Please post pics of you in it when you can.

Good luck with all the planning.
oxsabrinaxo's Black wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  03/18/2011  | 
tasha82011's Black wedding
 |  Dover, DE, USA  |  03/29/2011  | 
This is my dress.
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