Aug 27, 2012

It's been quite a while. I was thinking about the lovely ladies I had met on here and I knew I just had to update!

Looking back my wedding day was amazing, special, and so. much. fun!

Everyone I worked with was spectacular and I wish I could do it all over again.

Oh, did I mention I did all of this on less than 15k?! Yep! Looked like a lot of the 35k weddings that I attended and hubby and I didn't even spend half that. It was awesome.

If you have any questions I'd love to hear from you!

I've posted a few photos from my day. Such fantastic memories. <3
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our wedding
father-daughter dance
my hubby and i dancing with out little girl (& our flower girl)
one of the three different centerpieces
our unity cross used as decoration at the head table after the ceremony
another centerpiece
first dance
This past Saturday we could officially check another box on our to do list or otherwise known as "List of Wedding Schtuff "

Unfortunately, I was sick (and still am) so I couldn't make it to the deposit and contract signing. BUT, we officially have a florist! I was hoping that we could have some DIY flowers, but I gave myself a reality check and am pretty sure this is the best way to go. I'm still thinking about DIY-ing the bouquets and boutonnieres though -- those cost crazy amounts done by a florist. So, if I can't swing a deal then I'll be doing it and getting some help from the bridesmaids.

The question now is what is my vision?! What can we afford!? That'll be the next conversation: floral budget.

I'm thinking that the girls will have petite bouquets -- not the normal size. I think it's sweet, romantic, and more modern than the regular size -- and more cost effective to boot! woohoo! :)

However, here's some flowers that I absolutely adore and would LOVE to have...and most are in season!

- hydrangeas
- garden roses
- cascading amaranthus
- dusty miller
- tulips
- sweetheart roses
- dahlias
- light pink/white hypericum berries
- lisianthus
- sweet peas
- ranunculus
...and if all goes well, succulents!! I heart succulents!

And here's my inspiration photos. *sigh* I hope I can get something just as lovely. I'm sure I florist is AMAZING! :) (click on the thumbnails if you want a closer look)






square glass container

succulent in 4

white hydrangeas at head of ceremony



Floral Centerpiece or Decorating Idea


What are you ladies having?! Are you doing all DIY or using a florist?
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Recently we went wedding ring shopping. I didn't find what I wanted in our price point until last week. I saw it and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I LOVE it!

I posted a picture of my engagement and wedding ring to the left here. They look so pretty together. *sigh* Be still my beating heart. Eeeeek! I'm too excited. :)

So have you ladies found your wedding ring? Did your ring come in a set?
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My wedding ring and engagement ring.
It's been a while...well, too long since I've been on here. So, instead of giving excuses of how busy I've been I'll just get down to it. :)

We've finally booked our decorator -- Yaaaay! She's such a wonderful person and super easy to work with.

We booked our DJ as well. Excellent company that doesn't charge by the hour or gouge you for hidden fees. We also ordered up-lighting ... so they'll be working with our decorator on that. They've worked together on numerous occasions in the past, so it's nice to know that they have a good working relationship.

In addition to this we're trying to find a baker, an officiant (this is proving to be much more difficult than anticipated....the boy is beyond picky!), and a florist. Flowers cost so much and I don't want to spend a fortune on them -- we have a tight budget.

In about a week we'll be heading in to pick out the tuxes for the boys and see what's available. Sooooooooo excited about this! I get to dress up my man.


So what do you ladies have to do?! I'm sure we're all crazy busy! Anything that makes it easier? Is the boy helping out?
I'd love to hear from you! Please share! :)

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Classic Monogram B
Fresh off of our Christmas & New Years high, my hubsy-to-be and I decided it was time to get our butts in gear and get some things decided and done.

"First thing's first", he said, "we need to go to the wedding show this weekend." ...Alright, what?! Did HE just insist that we go to a wedding show?! Sweeeeeeet!

So we headed off to the wedding show and it was pretty darn great! We had been to 3, that's right, THREE wedding shows previously in 2010. We consider ourselves wedding show pros by now because we just went so fast through that show -- with our minds still intact and not overflowing with vendor information.

Here's the top 3 things we learned:

1. Go to as many shows as possible. It might seem like a lot, but believe me, it will make things easier to decide on -- it will either open your eyes to other things that's out there or it will 100% solidify your decisions. And the time spent "hmmm-ing" and "ha-ing" over vendors and being over-wedding stimulated will be less and less. Our first wedding show we were there for 6 H.O.U.R.S! That's so long, but we had nothing started. And as time went by we knew what vendors to stay away from -- goodbye, mr. creepy gym guy who is dressed like a pretend doctor!(and seriously, he showed us pictures of his "after" physique ... in a bright lemon yellow speedo! lol) -- and which ones we really like and can talk with... hellooo cappuccino bar & gelato couple!

2. I got this AMAZING advice from a photographer friend at the wedding show -- make a NEW EMAIL just for wedding vendors. NEVER use your personal email address (unless they're someone you've met with outside of the show and will be hiring and need to communicate that way) because you will be in for a world of spam and headaches.
And I agree -- last year was horrid for this. There was even one scuzzy vendor that sold our information (even though they're supposedly not allowed to do this) and we were barraged with emails, phone calls, etc. ugh.

3. If you really like a vendor then talk to them! That's why they're there! Sometimes a person's display looks amazing, but do you two click? Getting along and making sure that they understand your needs what what you want is key. There were a few vendors that I thought were awesome, but when I spoke with them -- not so much. They didn't exactly float my boat and were a complete disappointment.

So we just have one more wedding show to attend (next weekend) and then we're all done! It's such a fun and sad time. Fun because I get to plan the wedding with my Sweets and sad because this is the last time we'll be doing the wedding shows just for us. This is OUR year. Only 9 months until our wedding! yaaay! :)

Have any of you ladies been to a wedding show?

Were there some awesome or horrible vendors you met?

Do you have any other sage advice to pass along?

I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you all have a great day -- Cheers!
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Pink Wedding Show So Glad We Went!
So wow! It's been so long since I've posted anything and with good reason. Family business aside, we've met with more decorators and I think we know which one.

Some people just get it and others don't...and that's alright. But through all this planning and meeting and actually seeing what the decorators have my wedding has flourished from strictly modern vintage to classic, modern, shabby-chic with a fall twist. And I couldn't be happier!

The colours have gone from mainly white & creams & black to ivory with accents of black and pink. We want that very ethereal romantic feeling.

I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate white pumpkins, spanish moss, succulents with diamond pin accents, blush pink roses, white hydrangeas, mercury glass, white wood accents, and vintage books into something spectacular. I've posted some photos so you can get an idea of what I'm going for. But again, my esthetic ideals have fallen short to 99% of the people I've spoken with, even shared these pictures with.

So any other ideas? I've found it really difficult to get other people to see what I'm seeing. Especially my mother who sometimes doesn't know when to be quiet. lol. But I love her anyways.


Flowers like this, but with blush pink roses incorporated and the square containers to be white and small mint julep cups. and maybe even soft pink hypericum berries or seeded eucalyptus.

faux suede aisle runner
my idea is to have an aisle runner like this, but with pumpkins and hurricanes only at the beginning and end of the aisle.

white punpkins, ceremony

i just love this! this set up is intended to be a ceremony back drop, but i'm thinking just to take these elements and have them for an escort card table or something.

photo (c) bobby earle
and I love this idea! But with light pink dahlias, small sweet heart roses and the succulents.


We even have an idea for the table numbers (like the picture above). They'll be journals -- a diy project that I'll be doing -- with the table numbers done in calligraphy -- and the inside will be blank but with the type written heading for the guests to write their well wishes, advice, etc in them.

hydrangea bouquet
also, I adore hydrangeas. I'm thinking this at the head of the ceremony will be awesome.
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love this!
Oh goodness! This just made me laugh. I thought I'd share it with the rest of you ladies. It's a bit long, but totally worth it if you'd like a little giggle today.

Hope you enjoy it!


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funny wedding photo
Well ladies it's less than a year and the future hubsy and I are looking at decorators for our wedding.

We had our first meeting last week. I'm not sure what to say, it wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't good either.

She really didn't connect and fell short of my expectations. Nothing was set up in our colours to look at. I guess it was partially my fault. I forgot to print out my inspiration photos. But she was almost a week getting back to us on a quote when she said it would be the next day or two.

However, now we know what we're looking for and what direction to take. We definitely require a more professional decorator though.

So what has your decorator experiences been? Total nightmare or a dream?

If you have any suggestions or tips feel free to post!

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Pink Wedding Decoration ::Meeting Our First Decorator::
Oct 19, 2010

Well since I was away something wonderful happened. It's only ONE YEAR until I get married -- well, technically it's now 360 days, just a little under that year -- but still!

Now, it's seeming to be so real. Everything just seems more alive and amazing. It's such a wonderful feeling -- all warm and fuzzy and nervous sweats. lol.

Honestly, it's not nerve wracking to get married to one of the most wonderful men in the world, but all the planning and people involved! Yowza!

So with heaps of fantastic coming my way I've realized a few things -- we still have a bunch to do!

We need to book the DJ (just need to sign the contract and make the down payment), florist, decorator (still need to contact a few of these people and get quotes), baker for ze cake (found a few that we like -- still searching), and the dude to marry us (this is much more tough then originally thought). Whew! That's a bunch of stuff and not even including the details that have been buzzing around in my head relentlessly for a while now.

So ladies...what is left on your list?
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One year
We're having a Fall wedding next year. So what automatically comes to mind for an Autumn wedding?...pumpkins, leaves, wheat, etc. I totally love the Fall, the colours, and everything the season brings, but but it's not exactly "us". And orange pumpkins don't really fit into our colour scheme: black, creams, & soft pinks.

I did some hunting around on the internet and I'm thinking that for some accent pieces we can have small white pumpkins or gourds and then GLITTERIZE them! So some iridescent white, light pink, and/or black glitter.

I'm picturing them around the entrance table with the escort cards. On the table with some votives, bud vases with some sweetheart roses, etc.

So any other ideas that might work? Have you ever done glitter pumpkins?

Here's a link from Martha Stewart -- seems pretty easy!

...and also a how-to video!

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glitter pumpkins
glitter pumpkins 2
glitter pumpkin 3