anemone cake
anemone cake

Wedding Cake
A new inspiration...

I have become completely enamored with black and white anemones. I think they are so elegant and so fitting for our theme.

Anyway, once I saw the cake to the left I was in love!

I think it will be perfect to include these elements in black and white to offset the colorful peacock feathers!

Any thoughts?
desiruiz9's Purple wedding
 |  Scottsdale, AZ, USA  |  12/06/2009  | 
I loooove those cakes! I brought pictures of them to my cake lady when I went for my consult. I think you're right about the black and white offsetting the peacock feathers... it's going to look lovely.
sarahdarling's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  12/06/2009  | 
i love the idea o f adding peacock feathers!
brilliantbrunette13's Chocolate wedding
 |  Colchester, VT, USA  |  12/06/2009  | 
I think this would go great with a peacock feathers theme! So classy...
vicenta's Green wedding
 |  Lufkin, TX, USA  |  12/08/2009  | 
I can't tell you have much I love this cake! I thought about changing my entire decor to fit it. But we already invested to much in a much more casual theme.
renorx's Yellow wedding
 |  Phoenix, AZ, USA  |  12/25/2009  | 
Pretty!! Have you thought about clay flowers???


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