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Drink Menu

Ok, so I ordered these really cute drink menues from Vistaprint with the title, "eat, drink and be married" and I am not sure if I should put one on every table, or just at the bar. I ordered 20 just in case. The guests will also have their own menu at the seat. Thoughts?
maripoza's Orange wedding
 |  Burbank, CA, USA  |  05/17/2010  | 
I think they are a great idea and I would put one per table to let guest know what's available
bradley1111's Black wedding
 |  Onalaska, WA, USA  |  05/17/2010  | 
Those are cute! I agree. I think you should put one at each table just to keep the guests informed.
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Hi ladies so here is a DIY project that I've been working on today. I went on Dollar Tree website...
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