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So, after looking far and wide I have decided on vases. I am doing 2 of the smaller vases and one larger one in a cluster with votives around them. I got them from the dollarstore for $2 a piece, which is great because the florist was charging $5 to rent. We decided to purchase them because some people may leave with them and if we rented them, we would then have to pay full price to replace them. I hope the florist can work with them.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  05/17/2010  | 
These are perfect.  Hopefully everything works out with your florist, & I also hope no one takes them from you, rented or not!  :)
prncss173's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  05/17/2010  | 
That is a good plan because someone almost always leaves with a centerpiece.  Those vases are extremely workable your florist should have no problem
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  05/17/2010  | 
Great find for that price! :)
lauracampbellullman's Green wedding
 |  Kingston, ON, Canada  |  05/17/2010  | 
They are from Dollarama in Canada.  The square ones are 4x4 inches and the larger ones are more rectangular and quite narrow.
rainbowdream's Pink wedding
 |  Walla walla, WA, USA  |  05/18/2010  | 
Dollar store saves the day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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