May 13, 2010

Hi Ladies.... so I'm feeling a little disheartened (hence the long gap since my last post), as I had my first attempt at designing and assembling my invites and though the first one assembled together easily, all further attempts have proven tricky!

I couldn't get the brooches to stick down properly on top of the feathers, and when I did get them to stick, the feathers were sticking out awkwardly, so I think I will need to play about with the layout a bit or come up with an alternative, but the first one was so nice I would really like to keep that concept.

Also, we have decided to change the theme slightly and incorporate feathers into the wedding instead of a paisley print. I thought of all different ways that the feathers could be incorporated but, teal feathers seem to be non-existent, unless you buy a feather boa or fascinator! Does anyone know any websites I could try?

Actually anything teal is a job finding, so I don't know...I told FH that we may need to make teal an accent colour, but we both really love the colour so I would really love to keep it included in as many ways as possible!

So thus far DIY projects are not coming along very well, but I'm trying to stay positive and will have a few more attempts with the invites, and if i manage a few outstanding attempts I will load some pictures. In the meantime if you have any tips on glueing embellishments onto invites, please let me know?!

Thanx :-)
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question mark man
's  wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Can peacock feather's work? They have a beautiful teal in the center and when it lays against purple, they have a purple hue. Hang in there, did you try a glue gun? That and a firm hand is probably your best bet. Hope this helps!
's  wedding
London, London, city of, United kingdom
Have you tried Hobby Craft? There are lots of neat ways to stick or attach embellishments onto invitations. That is where I went for my invitations. What about using teal ribbon and a different colour for the feather?? xx
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
I agree with Nique. There area alot of differant ways, and yes a steady hand with a glue gun helps. I did a complicated first invite and its was an absolute pain. So i went with the less glueing I have to do the better. I borrowed a friends cuttlebug and did some embossing and made a band. Not complicated at all and does a detailed affect. Making teal an accent color would probably be really great.. It tends to stand out a bit more I think. Hang in there! If you need any DIY help or your stuck on something send me a message. :)
laydeecadbury's Purple wedding
Derby, Derby, United kingdom
Thanks ladies...a glue gun will probably be my next option.

Shaunelle - I like the peacock feather idea, I'll have to check that out!

Nique - I am currently using teal ribbon and purple feathers, which seems to be contrasting nicely, and I will check out Hobby Craft - someone else suggested that to me also.

ccrantobe - I totally get what you're saying about the less glueing! Thanks for your advice and offering your help! DIY is definitely driving me crazy right now! :-)

Thanks again ladies! x

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