Jun 1, 2009

What are you and your bridal party pulling up in??? Are you riding solo or will you be with your girls? I'm still undecided. I'm thinking about riding solo b/c I think I would need that moment to myself LOL. I just haven't decided what I want the girls to ride in. The FH suggested a limo bus, but I don't really care for the limo bus.
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itsmedmh's Pink wedding
Bloomington, IN, USA
party bus/limo bus

business on the outside, party on the inside haha
mamamia321's Green wedding
Midland, MI, USA
We rented a party bus. Bridal party all riding. We have a little time to kill in between. we are going to stop at a bar and grab a drink or two and chill for a minute.. our photographer is following us and getting a few fun pics too.
hotpink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
We have a limo, so we will be riding in that.  It's not the most beautiful limo around, (it is nicknamed the night rider), but it gets us from point A to point B all together haha :)
sassybex's Pink wedding
Adelaide, Ordino, Australia
we are not really  limo people but we both love cars so we are thinking some classics like Chevys.  Chevrolet Impalas or 1957 Chevrolet Sedans and Convertible or even Classic Cadillacs in white. We are still deciding about getting a limo or bus for our guests who are from out of town.
futuremrsniemann's Black wedding
Waco, TX, USA
Im not doing anything fancy! No one will see me pull up or anything so I'll be riding with 3 of my girls in my amazing PT Cruiser!! ;) lol   Woot Woot!
futuremrscarrejola's Purple wedding
Brampton, ON, Canada
we are doing a limo bus and all the girls are riding together on the way there with me.  then after the church let the party begin with the whole bridal party on the bus.  it was either that or 2 SUV limos because the bridal party is so big but i wanted to be together with everyone:)
waveschick2's Black wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
We are leaving the church in a 1939 pontiac (picture on my blog) but we weren't sure what to do about the bridal party and if we should arrive to the reception in the old car.  We are having the wedding reception at an old state theatre and it would be perfect to ride up in old cars, but then I will just need to find some more for the whole bridal party.

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