Red Wedding Flowers Bouquet and center pieces
Red Wedding Flowers Bouquet and center piecesbw_kd_4bw_kd_3mm,

Wedding Flowers
Bouquet and center pieces

I've been looking around online and I've found a few that I like just can't choose. I love orchids and Cala Lilly's roses are nice too. Could I combine these three and still get a beautiful bouquet out of it? I'm gonna try a little combo thing I know things will work out just fine.
fifikiwi's Yellow wedding
 |  Chesapeake, VA, USA  |  03/02/2009  | 
Go to Michaels, Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, or whatever craft store is near you and pick up a few of those kinds of flowers.  Put them together in a makeshift bouquet at the store and see if you like the combo.  That way you see how they look together, if they're your style and it's free!
lensmith's Red wedding
 |  Daun, Escaldes-engordany, Germany  |  03/03/2009  | 
Yeah we have something similar to that nearby. I'll do that! THanks that's a great idea!
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