Dec 20, 2009

well im sooo EXCITED!! My MH has just informed us she is throwing a Jack & Jill wedding shower for my FH and I,Im soo excited its going to be so much fun..

She wanted to surprise us but we were planning on taking a trip to flordia in february and we would have been going the week she was throwing it and she paid for the place where its being thrown,so we know now and im happy that she would do this for us!

she has been working sooo hard on this and it means alot to us!

the sad thing is she is having such a hard time getting the other BM to help with anythinG,I understand where she is coming from I asked them in september about dresses and I just herd from them and the one girl ordered and they were out of stock and wont be making them again so we had to find other dresses,I was not happy,then I sent them all emails and only herd back from 2 of them,I have 8 girls..the men are more helpful then the girls so I understand what she is feeling like with these BM :(

well anyway im excited about the shower and if anyone has game idea's please tell me,we dont know of any...

thanks,happy wedding planning!!
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Pink Jack&Jill wedding shower Were haveing a Jack &Jill wedding shower
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Ottawa, ON, Canada
Have you heard of Toliet Paper bride?

  Or whos the one? where the groom and bride sit back to back each with a shoe from the other and thier own,
  then ask questions ...funny, sexy..Who said I love you first?
  whos the messiest? that sort of thing
mrspatton2b's Red wedding
Baton rouge, LA, USA
We are having one as well and one of my BM found all of my games, but I do know we are playing The newlywed game, and a few other paper games as well. U can google coed shower games and find alot of them as well. Good luck and happy planning! :-)
lilyrosebuds's Pink wedding
Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Thank you both for the ideas..I will have to tell her to google it,thank you again!

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