wedding pic 3
wedding pic 3

Wedding Dress
White Or Light Ivory

Well i went wedding dress shopping today with my mom and soon to be mother in law and i think found my wedding dress. its almost what i was looking for but heres the thing its 40% off And It Light Ivory I Love It But I Was Looking For A White Dress.
See Thers A Price Differences If I Get It In White.....Its A 999$ Dress And I Cant Get It 40% Off So Around 700$ With Tax. So I Can Pay 1200 With Tax So....What Do U Girls Think I LOVE THE DRESS In Light Ivory But I Really Wanted TO Have The White dress....
monday iam going in with my sister and best friend and iam going to try it on again.....i really think iam going to get it:)...
what do u guys think.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  09/13/2008  | 
Its only if someone is wearing white next to you you'd be able to tell the difference. I say go for it.
sea212's Pink wedding
 |  Normal, IL, USA  |  09/13/2008  | 
Do it in light ivory!  There's not that big of a difference at all.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  09/14/2008  | 
I would try both colors.  One will look warmer on your skin.
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