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Bridal Bouquets 1
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Wedding Bouquets
Bridal Bouquets 1Bridal Bouquets 2Bridal Bouquets  3Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Flowers

So We Have Decided To Go With Fake Flowers, So I Wont Be Walking Down The Ile Snezzing, And Dont Want To Snezz While Saying I Do.
We Found A Lady That Does A Very Nice Job On Fake Bouquets.
We Only Need
1 Brides Bouquet
4 BridesMaides
2 Jr. BridesMaides.
The Groom Or Groomsman Are Not Having Flowers And My CenterPeices Dont Need Flowers.
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Hey ladies. So today I received my flowers!!!! I was a little scared because of someone telling m...
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