Hello ladies! I ordered these shoes today but I am not sure what size to tell them I need! Anyone know what a size a 8-8.5 would need in EUR? There is no way of trying them on and shipping is $30 although I can always exchange them for a different size with that price I'd rather not have to!
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After what seems like a lifetime I finally found my dress!!!!! My mom and I went to Geneva to see if they had anything that might be similar to what I was looking for. The first stop was a bust. They had a almost $4,000 dress that was kinda what I wanted just without the beading and the price tag! We went to the next bridal shop and the lady there rudely told us that if we found anything we would have to come back another day but we were free to go upstairs and take a look at their bridal gowns. We didnt even make it up the stairs when I threw my arm at my mom stopping her and told her in a loud whisper "that bitch (excuse my language) is wearing my dress!" After a quick look around, which I was only walking around there floor but looking at that girl in my dress the entire time. I went downstairs and practically begged the girl to let me try on that dress. I was shaking and almost in tears and after talking to the consultant I was able to finally try on my dream dress! The Tuesday after I went back with my mom, Aunt, and bridesmaid to retry on the dress. My mom surprised me and put the down payment on my dress and veil! The dress was only $5 over our max budget so technically $205 over.. but as FH said as long as I love it its worth it!
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Over the summer I worked at a hair salon which had its benefits, I was able to get my practice hair style done for free plus a tip of course ;)
I love the way it turned out and am so glad I did a practice. My hair is so thick and fine that it has a hard time holding curls so I dont often wear my hair in curls, although heavy duty product and someone who knows what their doing usually makes my curls last all night. At our salon we used Redkin products and there hairspray does not hold my hair at all. About 2 hours later my hair was already starting to fall and did not look good at all especially for the most important day of my life! (Pictures coming soon, under my wedding dress pics)

If you plan to do curls at least do the curls yourself at home and experiment with different hairsprays to see which will give you the best hold I would have been mortified had this happened on my wedding day!
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Last night after work I was sitting in our beer garden having a drink before heading home. It was a little after 10 and I could see the reflection of the sky lighting up in the glass doors to the bar I work at, it looked like lighting. I turned around to see a fireball in the sky and then it looked like it exploded soon after it faded away. The bouncer at my work and a customer who also saw it said that it must have been a flare I believed it tell I saw this on Yahoo!

"Fireball Lights Up Night Sky" There were apparently floods of 911 calls in Northern Iowa and Michigan. It didnt look this extreme to me but still awesome that I was fortunate enough to catch this, I always miss the cool things like this!!!

Heres the video that yahoo has posted it shows what someone caught on tape.
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For my fellow watchers of Say Yes to the Dress you may recognize this dress from the show. It is a very expensive dress like double our entire budget!!! But after trying on a crap load of dresses I believe this is exactly what I am looking for. I have tried on a dress with a similar top and loved it just hated the bottom and they couldnt change it.. I also fell in love with a similar bottom problem again cant change the top... Best of both dresses right here.. Only one problem I cant find anything similar to this in my budget!!!!!

The dress budget is about $1,500 and would love to find this dress for my price, with the stomach area covered though.. Ladies please help me find my dream dress!!!!
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klinfield dress
Right now I'm in my 3rd year of college with 3 years (hopefully) left to go.. I just found out that this summer I will be spending in a classroom learning my favorite... math... All I want to do this summer is work on things for the wedding!!! On top of it since February FH hasnt been working as much and neither have I.. Not that I worked much in the first place but... I have decided to do what I really dont want to do and that is find a job working as a dental assistant or maybe something else along those lines.. I have completed most of the program for the certificate so why not put our money to use and make money off of it to spend on the wedding... It sucks and I dont want to do it but thats life and I really need the money!!! lol I have no idea when I will be able to get this wedding stuff done this semester I'm taking a lot of difficult and time consuming classes and next semester is going to be horrible I have decided (more like have no other choice..) to take 3 4 credit hour science classes!!! (Another favorite of mine..not). That is all that I am taking but its going to be a lot luckily 1 is online so it wont be soo bad.

But the thing I wanna know is how is everyone else who is going to school finding time to do their diy projects?? By the time I'm done studying I just want to sleep, I feel like I have no 'me' time...
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Mar 29, 2010

So not that i mind at all, but all of my bridesmaids seem to be drastically changing their appearances... The picture posted is of my one bridesmaids tattoos, she recently won her battle with cancer. Another bridesmaid (lover her to death) got a outrageous tattoo recently and a couple piercing. Not that I mind any of these things I love tattoos and I love piercings and expressing ones self through that. Just wondering if anyone else is dealing with the same thing? My one friend with the outrageous tattoo wanted it originally on her shoulder and now that I see the finished product I am so glade she decided to put it some where that it wont be shown on my wedding day... Horrible I know but we've known each other since first grade and that makes it ok lol
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I love these and would love to get one for the wedding but I cant see spend $25 for one. I tried searching all over the internet for directions with no luck... Can any of you ladies help me out??
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Purple DIY Wedding Anyone Know How To Make These???
FH and I would like to send a huge thank you to those of you who voted for us to win the free wedding photography package from White Shutter Photography!!! It has become apparent to us that the great people at White Shutter Photography in Rockford, IL have the competition rigged... Many of you let me know that you voted for us by email, comments on WBC, and also comments on boastfulbride.com. Because of these comments we were able to figure out that White Shutter had not been counting all votes casted, wow cant you tell they're from the Chicagoland area??? lol It was funny we kept getting comments from people who I know didn't vote, yet our numbers didn't move.. We also posted this on other site and facebook where we once again had more comments than votes. I don't see people commenting but not voting.. I also had friends contact me saying that they voted but that their vote was not added to the count. I am thinking of contacting White Shutter Photography tomorrow and asking if they are waiting tell the end of the competition (March 25) to add the rest of our votes. lol Of course everyone knows this is not true. Its sad that they raised peoples hopes and wasted peoples time on a competition that was already decided... Once again thank you all for voting for us. If you wish you can vote at www.boastfulbride.com
We have already looked into other photography companies as we no longer want these people at our wedding and have lost all trust in them. I believe we have found a great photography company that does excellent work. I will let you ladies of course know what happens (hopefully we hear back from them soon, as I contacted them this weekend).

Once again thank you everyone who voted!!!!!!
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WSP Boastful Bride Competition Pic
When the FH and I first started planning this wedding both are parents let us know there was no way they would be able to help. To FH this came as a huge shock to me I already knew it was coming. My dad had just suffered a blood clot earlier in the year and my mom has had a lot of health problems over the years. My dad had also just recently been laid off from his job of 15+ years and had taken a worse job to help support his family, which luckily now only includes him and my mom, with that meant less hours, no health benefits, and less pay... Supporting themselves is hard enough let alone helping pay for their daughters wedding. FH dad just remarried and now has 3 new kids on top of the 3 he already has. Both his dad and his new wife are widows. Only one of her children is underage and living with them however. Money was a huge issue and figureing out how we were going to do this alone was another issue on its own.

Sadly but luckily waiting another year seemed to be for the best in all cases. As I mentioned in my previous post we have decided to push the wedding back (for addition details please refer to post). My mom kept telling me if you wait a year we can help you. By that time everything from my grandmas estate would be done and over with and they would have some money from it all in which they could use to help us. My dad was obviously not happy about us getting married and he did not try to hide it around anyone. My mom blamed it on not being able to help us out.. He now seems more to terms with me getting married now that we told him we moved it back, which also makes me happy that he is happy for us. Recently FH talked to his dad and he also said that with moving the wedding back they would be able to set aside about a grand for us. All in all it seems that moving the wedding back a year was the best decision FH have made! Now we can go to Hawaii for our honeymoon like we both want to!!!

The picture I posted is an old school pic of my Uncle Mike Strike (in the bibs) and my dad way back in the day.
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