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May 3, 2009

It still hasn't fully sank in that were not getting married next summer anymore. My FH and I were talking about how much it cost for a photographer when he says I don't think we can get married next summer. Since the night we got engaged we planned to get married June or July 2010. I was totally thrown for a spin on him randomly telling me this. The only way he sees (and now I see) of the wedding back on is if we can save up AT LEAST 7,000, which for me is no way in hell. I could sell everything I own, drop out of school, have a bake sale I don't know and it still wouldn't happen. I plan on getting a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd job this summer to try and save up. I plan on continuing to plan the wedding as if it is still on.. just encase..
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hotpink's Pink wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I am so sorry to hear this hun!!! :( Honestly, hang in will happen. I told my FH that I did not want him to propose until after we were done school and I could have the wedding of my dreams. It was tough waiting, since I REALLY wanted to get married, but now I am so happy that we did. I am only 23, so I know how you feel. A lot can happen in a few years... hugs**
brittanygann's Black wedding
Rock hill, SC, USA
I am so sorry to hear about that!!
My FH lost his job last month, it was awful!! We have been together for 7 years and engaged for 2 years..and about 2 months after actually starting to "plan" the wedding, he lost his job! I was completely heart broken because we just bought our first house at the beginning of February. So here we were starting to plan a wedding and having a new house payment as well as everything else!! But it actually made me realize how much we didn't need to spend $20,000 and it isn't about the "wedding" as much as what was really happening that day..ya know! I am a firm believer of everything happens for  reason! I def. know how you feel but we are back to planning a very small wedding nothing near as big as what we started with! But everything happens for a reason & everything will work out! Maybe not how you orginally planned, but sometimes it's better!! =)
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Hang in there.  Things have a way of working themselves out.  Believe me, I understand both your & your fiance's perspective, and alot of men really want to back off when they see the payout totals versus the receivables.  Cry when you need to, but chin up for later!  Pace yourself, and budget wherever possible.  You can still have a fabulous wedding.  If you ever need to vent, feel free to contact me.  (((Hugs)))
's  wedding
Houston, TX, USA
I think you could save no problem.  My fiance and I are in the same boat and need to save like 9,000 by next may.  I am babysitting almost every weekend which sucks but the money is good and he tries to work overtime.  If you put your mind to it, you will be able to.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Awwww, that's terrible. Have you considered doing a nice affordable wedding first, then on your 5th Anniversary or 10th have the big sha~bang? That's what we are doing and we are celebrating our 10th in 19 days on a $2,000.00 budget. LOL Our first wedding was $500.00 in Lake Tahoe, our reception was 3 months after that, the 2nd wedding was on our 5th anniversary renewing vows at $900.00 and now our 3rd...You work your way up to what you want. It doesn't have to $10,000.00 for your first wedding? If it was just you and him, it would be about $100.00? It can be done, but realistically. Don't be shamed, just aim for something bigger later?
queristchiun's Red wedding
Mililani, HI, USA
Honestly, you should get married anyway. I agree with LaRhonda, have a private ceremony maybe even with your parents or something(or just plain elope!). It cost us $95 to do that, including the liscense and the officiant even decorated his back porch for us-it was really sweet. The most important thing at the end of the day is the two of you making that commitment to one another. It also takes a lot of the stress out of it! I know I've been planning it for the past 2 years and since we're already married, to me its just a really fun celebration bringing all of our family and friends together. Best of luck to you!
ftrmrsj's Black wedding
Edmonds, WA, USA
I am so sorry!! A friend of ours got married at an all exclusive Sandals resort in Negril Jamaica & then had a small reception for family & friends at home. Have you thought about doing something like that? It was only around 2 to 3,000 for them to have a wedding/honeymoon all at the same time. I wanted to do this idea but my fiance wanted to do it the traditional way. You shouldn't let finances stand in your way of getting married. Like the other girls said, you can always do a big sha-bang down the road when you're both more financially able to.
's  wedding
Buffalo, NY, USA
I didnt sign in in but if you are looking for major ways to say and have a beautiful wedding please email me I can come up with a plan for you to have a beautiful wedding for what ever your budget is! me Nikia
jajb2010's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
I'm so sorry to hear that! Have you guys though about maybe having a beach wedding in Dominican or someplace like that? I'm getting married in Dominican and it's costing me $4000.00 that includes everything, flowers, decors for the beach wedding, wine, cake, makeup, hair, the whole works AND the travel agent does all the work for us..we get off the plane and 2 days after we just have to show up at the wedding and it's all taken care of. Just think that a wedding doesn't ahve to be all that's about love and being with the person you love. I'm sure you'll think of ways to save. Good Luck...don't worry everything always works out.
's  wedding
Agassiz, BC, Canada
Awww, I know just how you feel, I almost had the same delimma.
We decided to get married on a yacht, here in Vancouver we can rent a wicked yacht for 6 hours, dinner is included and the boat is sooo nice. They have round tables, chair covers, white linens, dinner is included, there is a sound system through the whole boat and a dancefloor. Its 60 bucks per person so for 50 people I got a quote of 3600, for EVERYTHING, no hidden costs, she said that was the full price. I'm not sure where you are but you should look into something like that!
savillon's Pink wedding
Del valle, TX, USA
awww Im sorry darling...I guess in the main time you can plan the whole thing and get quotes so you know exactly how much you will need.... or you can have a very private beach ceremony with just  nthe parents and then have a big wedding when you are ready!

good luck and hang in there!!!!

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