Feb 17, 2012

Happy Friday Ladies!

Some of us ladies are getting very close to our wedding days (Christy, Sabrina, Chica, Kayla to name some!) and I'm sure the pressure is creeping up and the stress is starting to feel unbearable.

Of course, for some of us our weddings are still months away and we also get this feeling, I know I sure do!

So here is a little quote I found on Pinterest that I turn to everytime I start feeling overwhelmed! Maybe it will be some relief to you as well :)

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wedding quote
tiffanyranaekasten's Orange wedding
Knox, IN, USA
im not extremely close to my wedding 190 days till but this helps me out because i've had stress from the very start of planning my wedding which on my wedding day will be exactly a year that ive been planning my wedding i hate stress and most of mine has come from my family which makes me hate it even more I wish you the best girlie :)
hismrsb's Purple wedding
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Thanks honey!!! That is one quote i'm saving!!!

Love it :)

-Sabrina (HisMrsB)
princesni's Pink wedding
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
Hun this defintellly helped me to put things into perspective! thank you so much and am defintelly saving this one!!!
christy1's Purple wedding
thank you so much for sharing hunni very timely word! love ya! xox

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