Jun 24, 2011

I didn't think I would ever say this but I think that I am on this site just as much as Facebook! Every morning when I log in to my computer at work, this is the first page that I bring up! I am so happy that my friend/co-worker WBC bride "thefuturemrschambers" told me abt this site because now I can't stay off of it!! I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts, ideas, and especially the venting everyday. If you can't vent here, then where can u do it?!! I also loove the fact that its all about weddings, and nothing else. I'm pretty sure my friends and fam don't want to hear abt my wedding planning as much as I love to talk about it, soooo I just log on to WBC and get my fix here lol....Thanks ladies and keep it up!!
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's  wedding
Takoma park, MD, USA
I know the feeling I am on here almost everyday
live2sing's Blue wedding
Port elgin, ON, Canada
haha I am the same as you!!! I think my fiance loves it too beause I talk to him less about everything, but whenever he sees me on the computer it is generally this site open lol poor guy!
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
yup I come on everyday and try to post on as many posts as i can and add atleast one on my page every month. been here for a year and half and love it. I always recomend it to my friends who are getting married or just anyone who i know just got engaged lol!

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