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Hi ladies! I may be reeeeally late but I wanted to share a website with you all. 123print.com...I just finished designing my wedding invitations (u do your own wording, font, sizing and positioning) on this site. I found some really cute purple invites with a lavender strip at the top and bottom. They are very basic but I plan to add my own finishing touches when I receive them (rhinestones and maybe a satin bow for each). Anyway, when I finished my grand total was $89.95 for 150 invites, envelopes included, and free shipping! I haven't ordered them yet but I will post a pic as soon as I possibly can! I thought that was such a great deal I had to share! Happy planning ladies!
sugarr2518's Pink wedding
 |  Jesup, IA, USA  |  05/19/2011  | 
Wow!  That really is a great deal for inviations!  you found a steal.
liyah555's Purple wedding
 |  Columbia, SC, USA  |  05/20/2011  | 
yes it was!!!
daphne47's Pink wedding
 |  Salem, OR, USA  |  05/21/2011  | 
WOW that is so cheap! I'm checking out that website. I want to do my own invites but if its that much cheaper including envelopes, I"ll check it out! My issue has been finding the right color...sigh
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