Purple Shoes I bought my shoes!!
Purple Shoes I bought my shoes!!Purple Shoes I bought my shoes!!

I bought my shoes!!

How cute are these Jessica Simpson shoes! I bought them off ebay for $22 and they are brand new!
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michellelynn's Black wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  05/17/2009  | 
Those are soo cute! I love them!!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Fairfax, VA, USA  |  05/17/2009  | 
that color blue is very pretty!  love the shoes.
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
 |  Silver spring, MD, USA  |  05/17/2009  | 
love them!! :)
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  05/21/2009  | 
These are stunning!
lunatina's Purple wedding
 |  Greenville, SC, USA  |  06/15/2009  | 
hey you commented to one of my post...   :)  are your shoes blue or purple??  the reason i as is because for some reason when i take pictures of mine which are purple they look blue ....
I LOVE you shoes!!!   :)  
$22!! WOW!!!!!!!!!  what a steal!
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