Jun 25, 2008

well i dont want to do rice or bird seed thats too messy. i love bubbles and the kids will love that, but anyone have a better sugestion?
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lnporter's Yellow wedding
we thought about doing sparklers, which would be perfect since our wedding is in the evening/night, but our location won't allow any sort of fireworks....so we're doing bubbles, lol.
gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
Winston salem, NC, USA
bubbles for outdoor !
vixysticks's Orange wedding
Riverside, CA, USA
i love the sparkler idea. we're doing rose petals
futurecaroljackson's Chocolate wedding
Desoto, TX, USA
I'm having a catholic ceremony and my church wont allow us to throw anything at all, not even bubbles.  We are having an evening wedding so my dj actually gave me the idea to give out disposable cameras and have the flashes of the cameras to take the place of throwing anything.  I think it will be a decent compromise for everyone, and plus we will have a ton of pictures to pick from.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Since my ceremony may be outdoors now I just may have to get rose petals for our guests to throw.
2bmrsnoll's Chocolate wedding
Lititz, PA, USA
Well we are throwing leaves because we are having a fall wedding but that wouldn't help you much. Did you every think about having butterflies released? that is so neat.  You could also do ribbon wands and people wave them as you go buy. You can make them yourself for pretty cheap and have the ribbon in your wedding colors.
You can also buy them here http://www.myweddingfavors.com/ribbon-wand.html
Hope that helps

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