Feb 12, 2010

Ladies...what are you presenting your groom with before the wedding? I plan on having my MOH take my present to my FH and his BM is going to bring his to me! We plan on writing thoughtful cards and then getting each other something. Not sure what he is going to get me...but my gift is going to be adorable!

My brother in law is a photographer so we are going to do a photo shoot. My FH and I have this running joke about The Good Wife's Guide. It is an article from 1955 stating how a woman needs to treat and act around her husband. Look it up, it is funny! So we are going to do a photo shoot and have a scene for each of the rules from the wife's guide. He has a vintage camera and I have vintage clothes so we are going to make a book. Pretty cool, I am so excited! I will post some pictures of the shoot on here once they are done.

Soo....What are you getting your guys?

Happy Wedding Planning,
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grrom gift bag
deneanrae's Blue wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
Im not getting my FH anything, we agreed before hand that the wedding was expensive enough and if we really wanted something we would just go buy it together. I might write him a note or something lol but nothing big. HIS GIFT IS MY PRESENCE! hahaha
kbreunig's Black wedding
Raleigh, NC, USA
that is a super super cute idea! i have heard about & read that article, very amusing for sure.  i'm not positive what i'm gonna get the fh.  we're both filling out that book "what i love about you" for each other to swap. i had thought about doing boudoir photos & making that into a book, but i don't think i'll have the chance to. so i'm debating between a nice watch or an ipod touch. so unique, i knowwww haha
futuremrsmarin's Pink wedding
Falls church, VA, USA
I would like to get my FH a gift , but just not sure. Maybe just a card and something small. I am surprising him with a groomscake at the wedding..Its going to be in the shape of an Xbox360..Hes going to DIE! LOL!!
tashasita's Purple wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
What a great idea! I love it! I am getting him monogrammed cufflinks designed by my friend. I'm also getting him a pair of baby booties - the shoes I wanna fill for him :)
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
Milpitas, CA, USA
The Good Wife's Guide is very cute! I love it!  I have already gotten my gifts for my groom.  I got a silver watch that he had been eyeing for some time.  And I too got him something similar to Tashasita...baby Jordans to fill.  Maybe not right right away..but sometime soon...who knows:)
jennandian2010's Black wedding
Bossier city, LA, USA
Im getting boudior pics taken and sending them in a basket full of goodies before he sees me on the big day!!! Hes going to freak. He has been wanting some on me so bad. I thought it would be a perfect present for him. I love your idea and that 50's style thing made me laugh my ass off. No one does all those things now days. If they did that  then I bet now they are the old cranky housewifes that grab the pan to run there husbands out of the kitchen...lol
lynnmichael's Blue wedding
Oakdale, NY, USA
That is such a  cute and fun idea....I may have to steal that idea. My FH actually printed that list out for me as a joke...too funny

We weren't going to exchange gifts, but like i said I may do that to surprise him, I am not expecting anything but maybe a card..he paid for the entire wedding and honeymoon himself and always said "yes" to anything I requested along the way and he is buying me my pearl/diamond jewelry to wear at the wedding

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