Oct 15, 2009

Just got word yesterday of the hotel room rate we will be getting for guests. The rooms have to be booked 1 month prior to the wedding in order to get the rate. How can I inform my guests right now about the rate and to book their rooms before I send the invitations? We have quite a few out of town guests who will want to book their rooms right now, but I do not want to be cheesy and send an email!

What is a creative way to send the information to the guests and let them know they can book their rooms?

Need some ideas as I am totally stuck!
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bryde2b's Pink wedding
Dedham, MA, USA
You could send out a save the date with the info on it and also include your wedding website.  Most guests will jump on the net to find the hotel anyway.  I know that's what I do.  Having all the info on the website is super helpful.  The knot.com offers a free one that is really easy to use.
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Tempe, AZ, USA
I'mnot sure if you have already solve this or not or if your save the dates went out before getting the room block out, but if they did, just send your out of town guests something cute like a post card and maybe hand write a quick note on the back saying something like, We hope to see you at our wedding on (wedding date), to make your travels easier we have set aside a block of rooms for our guests to receive special rates. Please book your room by (at least 3 days before the actual last date) and use this code (wedding block code) so they know you are with us.

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