Dec 8, 2009

Some people say the name "ugg" (or ug, ugh or uggz) came about because Australian's tend to be lazy with words and boots that "hug your feet" (the sheepskin of an ugg boot molds its shape to your foot) soon became boots that "ug your feet". Nike takes to us is a visual, the sense of hearing, the sense of touch Omni-directional artistic experience, the enterprise advertisement which the movie "Jorum" in satirizes was inferior far this time moves brightly. The packing and promotes one spirit is in itself an art, pair of specialized basketball athletic shoes change the body populace fashionable shoes, speaks on another's behalf except six big stars, Nike holds the energetic connotation is music and the strength, and these two big element infinite enlargement, music is humanity's common language ingeniously, without a doubt, this is the easiest assurance young people tidal current element, but music and strength two looked that resembles the element which does not relate actually by Nike to unify Air on the Force 1 body, simultaneously entrusts with each section of AF1 stories or one kind of symbol again, nobody does not like such shoe.
Air Force One shoes, two supports have the 25th anniversary history athletic shoes, is all the rage the whole world rapidly from the American professional basketball athletic field to the black street corner tidal current along with it. Air the Force 1 25th anniversary exhibition had given actually already us the answer: Fashionable connotation by no means product outward appearance, but is one intrinsic spirit. Is a pair of shoes load bearing movement brand giant Nike lifeline, or Nike Corporation has created this 1/4 century tidal current and the commercial myth ......In brief, his 25th birthday will arrive at Beijing, China now, Beijing will have carried on the wholesale Air Force One shoes, moreover this AF1 romaunt must take root, the spread in here.
They would saw sheepskin hides without even putting hard soles at the bottom. The shoes did not look very attractive, they were somewhat ugly, which might have given them the name ugg boots. The boots also became popular with people of Australia, who would often wear them around the house during the winters.
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