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I've been dreaming of lemons

I'm trying to decide on a centerpiece.. I am GOOGLED OUT! I came across the lemon centerpieces and can't get them out of my mind.
Should I go with a small arrangement? a tall glass? I like the slice open look but have no idea how to tie it all in.. I added a few different ideas I came across.

What do you ladies think? ALL ideas are welcome. I cannot decide...

UPDATE! Disregard this post.. LOL! That's alot of Damn lemons : ]
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  11/09/2011  | 
I really like the tall one, but I would do a mix of tall and short. Those are very unique centerpieces.
lpharr's Yellow wedding
 |  Bridgeport, CT, USA  |  11/09/2011  | 
That's a good idea! A mixture of sizes on each table. Thanks glamdivabride..
lpharr's Yellow wedding
 |  Bridgeport, CT, USA  |  11/09/2011  | 
I've updated my post!!! I am not going with the lemons after all.
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