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Wedding Hair Style
short and sexy or long, beautiful and flowing

Trying to decide wether to wear my hair short or long for my destination wedding.??????

Iv'e always had really long hair and recently cut it... Iv'e been letting it grow out until I decide on a style.

I've attached a few different styles short and long that I like.

I also added some pics of me with long hair. You can see me with short in my profile pic.

What do you guys think?
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  10/26/2010  | 
I love the long hair! My cousin had a bob hair style and for her wedding she added extensions and she looked so Beautiful! I know one expected it!
missde's Black wedding
 |  Langley, BC, Canada  |  10/26/2010  | 
I also say long!  You can cut it right after the wedding if you want to - that's my plan =)
lpharr's Yellow wedding
 |  Bridgeport, CT, USA  |  10/26/2010  | 
I Agree......I like the idea of having long hair for my wedding. Maybe a loose ponytail with a beautiful flower in my hair.
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Decatur, GA, USA  |  10/27/2010  | 
If you're having an outside ceremony you can keep it long and just put it in a bun just in case it's really hot, because you don't want the hair to be sticking to you. I really think short styles, bun, ponytails, and hair pinned back for brides are best...it really gives you a more sophisticated look. Long hair can sometime be distracting.
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