My mom and oldest sister (who's my matron of honor) came up tonight to try to have a conersation with Rob, his mother, and myself. I didn't know they were coming until they got here. Mom asked to have a civil adult conversation and Rob agreed and called his mom over.

It last 3 hours almost before my mom and sister stormed out. All this after his mother tried to come after my sister, physically; he threatened to call the cops to make my sister leave because she refused to leave while I was sitting outside rocking back and forth crying because I was so stressed; and my mom and his mom had a HUGE screaming match.

In the end, Rob's mother (and even partly Rob), tried to push the blame off on me. I was "miscommunicating" with people or I was "misunderstanding" them. So, I'm apparently just a bridezilla bitch (because I wanted the cake that I want, not a home made cake and because I wanted to be a part of setup).

Now Rob says he's done planning, his mom says she's done planning.......neither of them want to have any input or any part of the rest of it. Right now, Rob hasn't even spoke to me since his mother left 2 hours ago.

I feel like everything is falling apart around me and like it's all my doing. If I had done SOMETHING, ANYTHING differently.....maybe I could have made everyone happy. Everyone but me, atleast. But that would be fine, as long as everyone else was happy and got along.
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I feel I should also mention the good things.

Rob's uncle called the other night. He said he'd pay for half of our rehearsal dinner since Rob's mom said she'll only pay half of it and the other half was up to us.

His other aunt and uncle also said they were going to pay for us a hotel room the night of the wedding, since our honeymoon isn't until four weeks AFTER the wedding (I'll explain more on THAT later..........), and his sister said she would keep the kids for us that night.

PLUS, the same uncle who's paying half the dinner, is also offering to take his whole family out to breakfast the morning after.

Also, my sister is keeping the kiddos over night the Saturday before the wedding so that Rob & I (along with my parents) can attend an old friend's wedding that is adults only w/catering and open bar. SO, that gives us the night out we were hoping for before the wedding!
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We're 37 days to the wedding and the fight has started. I wanted a certain cake....Rob's mom wanted to make our cake. Dilema: she wanted to make a square stacked cake (3 layers, one on top of the other); I wanted a round cake on columns with a fountain underneath, and satelite cakes with staircases. The local baker offered to make our cake at what her cost would be since she has known my family forever (since when her and my mother went to high school together!)

$300 for 5 cakes, a fountain, and staircases, PLUS delivery and setup....AND she's making the satelite cakes in chocolate, which should have been an extra $50. Rob's mom is now mad because of that. Also she's upset because my mother, oldest sister, and I went and bought some of the food last weekend and I said I wanted to cook the ham not have Robs sister (who doesn't cook very well!) do it, and because I wanted my nephews to be a part of the wedding and reception since SHE decided 7 of her 9 grandkids should be in the wedding while my sister and niece are the only ones from my side that are in it as of right now.

So now she's just not doing ANYTHING or being a part of the wedding, because I wanted to have some stuff done MY way since it IS my wedding. She's had two weddings of her own, plus she's had 4 weddings between her two daughters PLUS Rob's previous marriage. I'm honestly to the point that I'm ready for this to just be over so maybe things can get back to's really very sad, the day I waited for all my life is now a day I'm kind of dreading and want to just rush through.
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So I decided since I finally have pretty much everything for my wedding dress, I should post pictures of it actually on. So here they are!!!

Excuse the crazy look in some of the sis had the flash WAY to bright.
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Back view
Front View 1
Front view 2
Holding up the train
Feb 15, 2010

We're 17 days away from the half way mark!!!!!!

It feels like just yesterday that we were saying "we have 14 1/2 months" now it's "we still have 7 1/2 months"...........WOW. It feels like time has flown by!!!

On the one hand, it feels like we've done/bought/booked so much......but then I get to thinking and it feels like there is still SO MUCH left to do!!!!
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Blue Engagement WOW!!!!
Blue Engagement WOW!!!!
Got my hoop skirt and gloves in this week, going to get my dress from Rob's mom today so I can try it all on together tonight!!!! I'll get pictures up tonight of the whole thing.

Can't wait to see how it will look!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
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hoop skirt
Bought my hoop skirt night before last. $15+ shipping ($27 total) on ebay!!

Also ordered a pair of ivory elbow gloves with pearl detailing for $8 with free shipping! YAY!

Yesterday: bought Rob's wedding band, he just wanted a plain titanium band so, I managed to get that for $53 total. Also bought 2 3-packs of white lighted paper lanters for $10 a box, and got a 24 pack of mini wedding bell favors for only $4.50 (probably just for the kids, unless I can find more for the same price or less).

I also went ahead and bought my wedding shoes because walmart had a pair of black rounded-toe heels that were SO my style for only $14 on clearance! And I didn't want white or ivory, cause I hate plain looking shoes like that! I also bought some clear rhinestones and did the "I Do" on the bottom myself last night! SO proud of how they turned out!! :-D

And of course, I bought a new bra, tummy tucker, garter belt with thigh-highs, and pretty white underwear to go under the dress.

MY OUTFIT IS NOW ENTIRELY BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to look this weekend hopefully for paper mache boxes and fabric to make our card box. Then other than that, we'll have almost everything basically bought! Geesh, it's hard to believe that it's almost 8 months away and we're almost done. Rob still has to buy his suit and the guys ties, but that's like, the only big purchase left, really!!

Will post pics later tonight or tomorrow!
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Back row is the tall vases for candy, front row (small jars) are the vases for the table centerpieces
Side and back view of my shoes....YES, their BLACK!
The 'I DO' I did on the bottom of my shoes at 1am this morning!
Paper lantern (they light up, but I couldn't get a good shot lit)
Bells. They came silver, I'm painting them white.
Box for the bells. The front one is what they should look like finished.
My wedding band on the right, his on the left.
Front and closure side of my shoes
hoop skirt
We talked to the Priest in mid-November about marrying us. He said yes, but since FH has been married before we had to fill out paperwork priving his divorce. Thursday night our Priest told us that he would NOT need an annulment since he was not married by an ordained minister/Priest. Great! Right?

Well, they DO need a copy of his marriage certifcate and his divorce decree, no biggie. He's planning on sending off to Nevada for his marriage certificate. He went up yesterday to the court house to get a copy of the divorce's NEVER BEEN FILED. And his attorney is no long practicing law. He asked if there was any other way to get it done and the judge he had said NO it MUST BE FILED by the attorney who represented him. Then they told him that he can NOT get remarried until his decree has been filed.

So, we're stalled now. I'm seriously ready to just call the Mansion and the DJ and cancel our reservations. I don't know what more to do at this point! The decree HAS to be filed by HIS ATTORNEY and his attorney hasn't been practicing law since a couple months after the divorce was finalized (in Dec. 2007) and has moved and changed all his numbers. This judge isn't helping us at all, either. You would think he would agree to SOMETHING, given the situation.

I'm having a meltdown over here, freaking out on how we're supposed to proceed now!!!! Ughhh! Everytime something seems to fall into place, something else happens and throws it all off!!
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I'm not sure. We can't do a whole lot in way of decoarting, especially at the mansion. But I really LOVE these signs. What do you guys think about this:

"Happily Ever After Starts Here" sign outside the church doors when guests arrive and then have the "And They Lived Happily Ever After" on the porch steps where we'll be leaving at the mansion? Then we could reuse one or both of the signs as decorations at home later. Is it too corny?
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Happily Ever After Starts Here
And They Lived Happily Ever After
Jan 10, 2010

My mom hates them (as wedding shoes) but I really LOVE these black shoes! And I like the idea of dying my crinoline a light shade of blue and have ivory/blue/black (our wedding colors) all in my outfit! LOL!

Also contemplating the cinderella slippers, but I'm REALLY leaning towards the black ones still. And I HAVE to have the rhinestones!!!!

I'm also contamplating flip-flops like those to wear at the reception/to leave/the next day when we're with the families.
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LOVE these black heels by Chinese Laundry........and I'd actually WEAR THEM AGAIN!
Cinderella slipper
I Do rhinestones
Wedding flip flops