Jul 20, 2010

I didnt realize it would be this darn hard to find a pantsuit (i could scream), I think I found a website but not sure they will have the correct colors the suit that i absolutely love was a robert cavalli piece called the womens tuxedo pantsuit(#6) but not sure where to get it. Should I just get them made by finding a seamtress???? LADIES I NEED YOUR HELP....I have a idea on how the suit SHOULD look some examples to your left just imagine them in ivory...WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE?
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Issac Mizrahi
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Tampa, FL, USA
hey lyly, yes these are very hard to find. I have been able to find some at bebe.com or victoriasercret.com.  I had been looking for a sexy pants suit for about 5 years now, and none seem to be just what i am looking for.  most of these site have the short jacket and I see you prefer the longer jacket.

ooooh, and maybe, you can try to pull of my dream suit.  Not what you are doing with this I am assuming bridal party.  I had always wanted my girls to wear a pants suit.  But instead of wearing a jacket they would wear a vest with no shirt instead.  There is a tuxedo vest for men that looks like a halter top, it goes a round the neck and has one strap across the back.  This is what I wanted my girls to wear as a top.  For the vest to match the pants, and for the mens vest to match the bridesmaids outfit.  Not sure if this is even close to what you are going for, lol. Heck you may be just looking for a party out fit.

GOOD LUCK!!! Let us know how it goes.

Also, I bebe used to have the tuxedo pants not sure if they still do.
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I LOVEEEE the look and fit of the gray suit in picture #4!  That pant fit is perfect!
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who is wearing the pantsuit?

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