Is this it!?!
Is this it!?!

The Ultimate Ride

I was convinced. I had completely made up my mind. I was not going to have cars, any cars. I was going to catch a taxi. Yep, a taxi - the most convenient of transportation!

It was going to be cheap, it was going to be dial up sweet, and it was going to be yellow!

Now, enter stage left my dear friend, in fact a SUPER friend with her SUPER car! She has a 1978 Mini in the most glorious shade of lime green and she has offered to drive me to the Chapel!

Can you see it? Crowd expectedly waiting the arrival of the demure bride and BAM! she appears in a cloud of lime green awesomeness kickin it teenage mutant ninja style.

loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
 |  Portsmouth, NH, USA  |  08/02/2010  | 
hahhaa. I love this! I think this would be so amazing! Different and super fun! :)
msandmrcupcake's White wedding
 |  Bournemouth, Lorraine, United kingdom  |  08/02/2010  | 
i love this...i want a retro car but not at an expensive price :(
's  wedding
 |  Edinburgh, Edinburgh, city of, United kingdom  |  08/02/2010  | 
Love the idea!  Either that, or a VB split screen campervan (you could have a cup of tea on the way... )
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  08/03/2010  | 
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
 |  Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  08/08/2010  | 
what an awseome idea! I like it!
's  wedding
 |  Dubai, Encamp, United arab emirates  |  09/01/2010  | 
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