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Eye Candy. Cake Table

I am in LOVE. Wow, I just love this cake table decor. I am thinking I can tottally pull this off by having the florist just add a few feathers to the flowers and do it in my color palette! So luxurious and over the top!! I am having a combo of Cake and pastry table, so the table will have to be bigger but isnt it grand? I love the birdcage next to it!! I can see feathers instead of the crystal branch thingies on the drapes? Also I posted a few pics of the look a like cake that would replace theirs and the colors I would use on the floral arrangement.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  06/30/2009  | 
This is definitely luxurious
retro248's Pink wedding
 |  Pontiac, MI, USA  |  07/18/2009  | 
Love it!
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Well, we're at a stump right now. I watned a cake, but I think we are going with cupcakes! I love...
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