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Wedding Day makeup
To do it myself or have it done???

Lately I have been thinking about how I want my makeup done for the wedding and honestly, I have no idea..
I have an eye shadow from mary kay that I LOVE. Its called granite and it does a really good smokey eye which is my fav. But I want my makeup to be a little bit more special that day I guess.. lol..
I am thinking about going to a department store and getting a trial done. I really like lancome makeup.. Def. want to do some trial runs!

But then again I might just do it myself.. or with some help from my mom or a BM. I was the MOH for my friend's wedding last summer and we used that Sally Hansen's airbrush stuff for legs on our faces and it looked amazing!!!! I guess they actually do make it for your face too so I was going to look in to that too!

ahh decisions decisions....

Is anyone else doing their own makeup?? Or having it done..
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  03/13/2009  | 
I am doing my own. I did a trial run about a month ago and it turned out really nice. I don't wear makeup and all my friends were shocked! So, save your money and do it yourself.
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  03/13/2009  | 
My MOH will be doing my makeup---I wear foundation and maybe eyeshadow on a regular basis...but even the eye shadow is one color so no way am I attempting it myself  lol. .  If you have a Mary Kay rep...why not set up a party for you and your girls and try out your wedding day makeup.  If you like it you can purchase it and jsut do it yourself.   I won a Mary Kay Skin Care consultation and $25 so I bougtht some skin care and I am also doing a makeup consultation tomorrow...so I can get ideas and my MOH will be there so she can help out as well.  Or like you said go to the counter and do a trial run then you can do your own if you like it.
makalajo's Pink wedding
 |  Warren, PA, USA  |  03/14/2009  | 
Yeah I have a Mary Kay rep. I also won a mary kay party and the rep really doesnt seem too into makeup.. as weird as that sounds. but I know I could do it better myself than have her do it. =/ but thank you ladies.. I am either going to do it myself or go to a dept. store that has the lancome line, which I love!
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