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"I Do" Shoe stickers

I love these but they run like $15!!! Being on a tight budget does anyone know where I can get these CHEAP or can DIY them???? Ive looked on etsy and ebay and they are running really high.

I LOVEEEEEEE the ones I have pictured! for a better pic heres a link. But I want the ones that have rhinestones so they go with my shoes and dress.

eastcoastwestcoastbride's Blue wedding
 |  San jose, CA, USA  |  01/18/2011  | 
I wouldn't worry about something that is only $15 if you're on a tight budget. If it were a couple hundred, it would be another thing entirely. I say you should splurge and just get them, they are S-U-P-E-R cute :D
jerzeegirl17's Black wedding
 |  Egg harbor township, NJ, USA  |  01/19/2011  | 
You can buy them from Michaels really cheap!
njoneson's Pink wedding
 |  Fairfield, CA, USA  |  01/19/2011  | 
I found them on etsy and I plan on buying them! Super cute and since blue is no where near any of my wedding colors they work perfectly!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/19/2011  | 
If you don't want to purchase the actual set, you can buy the glittery letters individually. They sell for between $5-$8 depending on the size and font you like. Then you will have a package of letter leftover for other crafts. Just a thought :)
njoneson's Pink wedding
 |  Fairfield, CA, USA  |  01/19/2011  | 
try this site!
they are $4.50
elizabeth100811's Pink wedding
 |  Darlington, SC, USA  |  01/20/2011  | 
That price at Mindy Weiss' site is great but to ship it is like around $11.00.  I mean really? Stick it in an evelope and slap a stamp on it!!!
makeupdiva87's Pink wedding
 |  Aurora, CO, USA  |  01/21/2011  | 
elizabeth100811 hahaha you had me ROTF i thought the smae thing!!!! shipping should be like 44 cents! good lord.
mrsbride's  wedding
 |  Winston salem, NC, USA  |  06/27/2011  | 
I found some really cute ones for his and her at http://www.etsy.com/listing/76081452/his-hers-i-do-shoe-stickers-in-blue much less expensive then others I've seen.
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