May 22, 2010

ok so i went shopping with my mom the other day after work and we went into hobby lobby. we found such great deals in there!!!

(FYI: great place to get stuff for DIY weddings. i found sand for my sand ceremony soooo cheap but thats another post.)

so we were wandering around and mom spotted these damask boxes. they had several different sizes and when i saw them i thought they have to be expensive. they were only 5.99!!!! such a great deal!

so im going to fill these with emergency stuff. one in each bathroom. they both look the same except the lids. the sides look like the first two pictures and the last picture is the lid the boys has the blue ribbon and will have blue satin on the inside and the girls has pink the same way. they turned out great.

what do you guys think of doing bathroom baskets? do you like to see them when you go to other weddings??
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wedding stuff 027
wedding stuff 028
wedding stuff 029
prncss173's Black wedding
Reno, NV, USA
I've only seen then at one wedding and I thought it was super cute.  I hear that a lot people steal all the stuff out of them at weddings, so don't put anything too cool in them!

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