Apr 12, 2010

So to begin let me tell you a little bit about us as a couple.

We met our sophomore year oif high school. we started dating that same year on April 15. Which is why we chose the date we did. we dated for about 3 1/2 years and split up for a period of time. We ended up back together. After that we dated for a few months where we were on a very rocky road. His friends were concerned about him because of what was going on with us and how it was affecting him so one night he passed out and his friends took his phone and pretended to be him and said some terrible things to me. I ended it because of that. after several more months i came around and had talked to him about the whole thing and we worked things out we decided with how we feel about each other we just dont want to be with anyone and that we are meant for each other. Neither one of us can live without the other and we are now closer than we have ever been and get along better than ever.

when he had initially proposed we decided we were going to get married in 2012. After a few weeks we changed that because we are so happy together and didnt want to wait that long.

When we decided to do two signature drinks we thought a blue one and a pink one were good because that both of our colors and we could name them what we wanted.

For the pink drink I thought "the High School Sweetheart" was the perfect name for it. However, I'm having the hardest time trying to think of a name for the blue drink. we havent officially decided what the drinks will be yet but we wanted the names to reflect us and our relationship.

Does anyone have any ideas and great name for the blue drink????
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Pink Our signature drinks Names for our drinks
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Oak forest, IL, USA
Blue without you!!
makeupdiva87's Pink wedding
Aurora, CO, USA
omg i love it!!!

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