Candle tied to matchbox
Candle tied to matchbox
Candle tied to matchboxGreen DIY Wedding Damask Candles/MatchesGreen DIY Wedding Damask Candles/MatchesGreen DIY Wedding Damask Candles/Matches

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Damask Candles/Matches

So as you know we are getting married beside a swimming pool in the evening and we decided to decorate the pool by using floating candles and lily pads, well we thought it would be a cute idea to let our guests light a candle and place it in the pool...this is what I came up with...I bought plain match boxes 8 for $1 at Dollar Giant, floating candles, pack of 6 for $1 at Dollar Giant, glued damask wallpaper on each matchbox, attached candle with ribbon..and voila..still have more to do, the bin is nearly full...this would be a cute favor too I think...wish I had thought of it before I bought mine...oh well love the pool idea, and I think our guests will think it is a nice touch...let me know what you think!
futuremrsmitchell's Green wedding
 |   |  09/16/2008  | 
Great  job! This is such a unique and fabtastic idea, and a way to get your guests involved.
victorias1911's Purple wedding
 |  Warren, MI, USA  |  09/16/2008  | 
very cute idea! great job! the pool will look pretty with all the candles
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  09/21/2008  | 
I saw ths idea in a diy ook at hobby lobby... this is a very good idea!! Happy planning!
mamajea's Green wedding
 |  Surrey, BC, Canada  |  09/22/2008  | 
I've heard so many great things about Hobby Lobby, wish we had them in Canada...or even to get my hands on a DIY book from there would be  great!!
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