May 31, 2008

I have no idea what we are going to do here! We hired one decorator who was a family friend. Unfortunately she did not see our vision. She was thinking more florals, garlands blah blah blah!! So I hired a new decorator last week and here are some ideas we have come up with. I am not sure what we are doing as a centerpiece. I know I don't really want flowers...looking for something unique. Any suggestions??
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Green Wedding Decoration Sigh I am so stressing here!!
Green Wedding Decoration Sigh I am so stressing here!!
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If you go to a website search engine and type in centerpieces for weddings you should get a bunch of photos. I find they help the most in coming up with ideas.

We have clear glass vases that we bought at Walmart for $2.00 each and then I have brown ribbon tied around the top of the vase. Then clear water pearls to put inside along with a white pillar candle.

I've seen people put small fish bowls with little fish inside. Also with plain vases or glass bowls you can fill it with anything such as pine cones, apples, fruit, berries, popouri, candy, floating candles or anything really that would go along with your decor. You could also do photo frames with pics of you and your man or with just love poems instead. I hope this helps.
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We're doing centerpiece cakes.  They were more expensive that just having one cake, but when you consider the cost of a cake and centerpieces, then it comes out to be cheaper.  Some of the other reasons we went with cakes are because we could choose up to four flavors, and the cakes will be placed on the tables so that surrounding tables do not have the same flavors.  This gives our guests the ability to mingle and choose which flavor they prefer (rather than having someone serve them a random flavor).  Also, it is not as wasteful.   We won't have ton of flowers to throw away afterwards, nor will I have to pay rental fees or be stuck with a bunch of vases I don't need after the wedding.  The leftover cake will be boxed for us, and we will have some for close family and friends at our gift opening the following day.
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I really love the first one its great

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