May 31, 2008

So we met with our potential wedding photographer and he showed us (at our request) to see a portfolio of a wedding from start to finish. I highly recommend doing this. It is the only real way to see what a photographer can really do with the time he is given. I was so impressed with him. His name is Matt Kennedy, and had the best wedding packages that I have seen..and believe me we have shopped around. We are keeping him for the entire day which is about 14 hours total. Here is his website.
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Green Wedding Photography I found the most amazing wedding photographer
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
NICE!!  It's sucha good feeling to get the good stuff crossed off the to do list!  Congrats!

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Pink Wedding Photography Phillysgirl is back...a married woman!!!
Hi ladies!!! I missed you all so much!!! I have been so busy since we got back from the honeymoon...