Jul 13, 2008

I'm on a small budget.. $8000 is the HIGHEST I want to go.. and if I can stay under that.. and closer to $6000.. that would be AWESOME!! So Far so good. My parents are helping out.. My dad has helped out a TON and given me the down payments for most things.. which is a life saver!! My mom is putting in $2000. So the rest is up to me and my FH.... SO far its looking good.. but I do have a few options that I can flex... biggest thing is the # of guests.. right now I was looking at 150 people.. that was going to put us roughly at $7500.... but if i cut it down to just 100 guests (parents/ brothers/ sisters/ grandparents/ aunts/ uncles... and a few friends).. i could get it closer to 100 people (which would cut costs on food/drinks/centerpieces/invitations.. which would put my budget closer to $6600..I might also do an adult only reception besides a few that might need to come - but at least limit the kids...since i'm paying PER HEAD for drinks and food.. weather they are of age or not... just because i'm getting is so cheap they do it that way.... another thing is that i'm not doing favors.. i was going to.. but then I realized that the wedding I just went to did have favors and I didn't even notice that they were missing!! SOO just curious what other brides' budgets are and if you are getting close to over...what are you cutting out of your planning??
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Green What's Your Budget?? and are you staying within it??
stammlindsay's Pink wedding
Beaver dam, WI, USA
I never gave myself a clear budget originally but I wanted to keep it as low as possible. I am well over what i thought I ever would've spent. Right now I'm struggling to keep it under $15,000. It has just been difficult in the sense that I always know what I like and I can be stubborn in getting some of the things I think at the time are a must. I really do not want to go over my "now" budget because my fiance and I are paying for almost everything and we are starting out in a new house and stuff so it's hard. Good luck with your budget.
jeffandcarissa's Chocolate wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
We gave ourselfs a low budget, only $5000..... and i think we are are about $6000 now but there is only  11 days till the wedding... i think anyone can do a small budget, you just have to be creative and DIY alot!...... dollar stores are amazing, with a bit of creativity you can do alot from there without breaking the bank..... good luck  and just remember you dont want to go in debt for life, for only one day....but make it memorable
jeffersonsbride09's Pink wedding
Longmont, CO, USA
Our budget is in the $10,000 range, that will hopefully also include the honeymoon! It seems like so much money for just one day! BUT it is our day! So it helps out with the sick feeling when I think about spending $10,000! I am cutting a lot of things, just because if I don't have to spend it all, I don't want too! I am not doing favors either, the last few weddings I have been to have not had favors and I didn't even realize either. I don't think I am going to do programs unless I DIY them. I think the hardest part about the budget is the venue and the food, its by far the most expensive thing I have booked yet! Good Luck!
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
My budget is $10,000....my parents are paying for half, we're paying the other half. I have stayed VERY strict to budget and a lot of things have come in either at what I budgeted for or a bit under. I am doing a lot of DIY projects to keep costs down, using coupons from Michaels, researching the best vendors that offer discounts and the best price, ordering stuff of ebay...I've also ordered a lot of stuff from the US and had it shipped to where I live in Canada...because they sell a lot of stuff cheaper in the US....ie. my wedding favours I paid $1.58 each for personalized shot glasses (that includes the cost of the glasses, shipping, customs, duty fees, taxes)...the cheapest price I could get in Canada was $2.50 plus tax, shipping, etc. It's possible to have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget!
gonzo17's Blue wedding
Austin, TX, USA
Our budget is about $9,000. We have 6,000 btwn us[i have 5 he has 1 lol].
my family is helping with about 2,000. We will continue 2 put little by little away so it should be almost 9,000. I am only having 2 sets of favors as of right now. went to orientaltrading.com and saved a bunch! I'm purchasing my centerpiece vases & mirrors from the dollar store/orientaltrading.com.  Also try flowersandsupplies.com.
My programs will DIY. Post should be up soon!

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