Sep 1, 2009

So it is official, we have decided to change to the destination wedding. On July 3, 2010 we will embark onto a Carnival cruise ship along with 30 guests and sail to Grand Cayman where we will have our ceremony. The ceremony will take place at the Grand Old Hotel. They had a few different locations for us to get married but we chose the Water's Edge, which is basically a large dock. They will set up chairs, an aisle runner, and a decorative arbor at the end of the aisle for us to get married under. Also they will provide a horse drawn carriage for the trip to and from the venue. Previously I knew that I wanted to have a unity candle at the ceremony but now that it will take place at a beach we decided to have a sand ceremony. Instead of us lighting a candle with each our separate candles we will instead have separate vases filled with sand with which we will pour into a larger vase. We will both choose a different color sand that represents the each of us. Our officiant will begin by placing a base color sand into the jar that represents the foundation of our relationship, next we will take turns pouring a layer of our own colors into the vase until later when we both pour our separate colors into the vase together. During this ceremony we will have the officiant recite a passage that goes along with the sand ceremony. At the end of the ceremony we have discussed having our guests taking a sea shell that we will provide making a wish for us the newlyweds on it and throwing it into the ocean all together. I think that it will be cute and serve as a great photograph (btw did I mention we are taking our photographer on the cruise with us). After the ceremony my FH and I will travel around the island with our photographer getting great pictures until we have to be back on the ship in the afternoon. Once back on the ship we are having a small private reception with an open bar, a DJ, and hors devours. After the reception we will all go to dinner together to continue the celebration. The ceremony will take place on July 5. The day after the ceremony we will arrive at our second and last port of our cruise at Cozumel Mexico. For our guests we have decided to pay for their plane tickets and it is their responsibility to cover the costs of the cruise (which isn't too much)

After the cruise is over, July 8, my FH and I will be heading off to our honeymoon. Originally we wanted to go to Hawaii but after pricing everything out we decided to go to St. Lucia instead so Hawaii might have to be an anniversary trip. We are staying at the Sandals Regency Resort on St. Lucia. I never thought that I'd want to stay at an all inclusive resort but after looking into to it I can't think of anything better! On St. Lucia there are 3 Sandal resorts and we are welcomed to visit any of them and meals at all three locations are already covered in the price along with alcohol!!! The resort we are staying at looks beautiful and it has a swim up bar which I am super excited about! We are still deciding which room to book so it isn't official yet but I know we won't be changing our minds again. We are deciding between two different rooms. One is this beautiful private villa which is located on the bluffs of a peninsula. The villa is a giant one bedroom suite with 24 hour concierge, a butler, a private driver (in a rolls-royce), and a private plunge pool. Also we are able to receive breakfast on our private patio overlooking the ocean. The other room is a two story private suite. The bedroom is on the first level and there is a sitting room on the second floor with a balcony. This room also has 24 concierge and a butler. There is a significant price difference between the two rooms but I have a feeling my fiance is leaning towards the private villa, which is fine with me.

For the guests who cannot make it to the ceremony there will be a post Meet the Mr. & Mrs. reception once we come home after our honeymoon. The reception will be casual sit down meal sort of like a bridal shower. But more information about that will come later as we sort it all out.

All in all the wedding is costing less than 1/2 of what it would have originally cost which allows my FH and I to splurge on our honeymoon which we couldn't be happier about.
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Purple It's Official!!! Destination Wedding
Purple It's Official!!! Destination Wedding
Purple It's Official!!! Destination Wedding
Purple It's Official!!! Destination Wedding
Purple It's Official!!! Destination Wedding
soon2bmrsgladden's Blue wedding
Austell, GA, USA
i got them off of

they have some great stuff for low prices. i use to shop at victoria secret before i fount this place and they are great!
innomaki's Blue wedding
Wow this is going to be a beautiful affair I can imagine, add to that a Rocking one too.

Happy planning!
soontobeturner's Purple wedding
i think it all sounds fabulous!!!  i'm wishing i would have done that now!  we are considering st lucia for our honeymoon too, but we are holding off to book it until after the wedding, funds are low :-(  good luck and keep us all posted!

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