choc fountain
choc fountain
choc fountain 2
choc fountainchoc fountain 2

chocolate fountain YUMM..
.....and its pink, what can be better?

As soon as I saw this I fell in love with it. One I love white chocolate and two it can be pink...which is so cool. It will be so pretty in the reception. Thanks Soontobemrs for this idea!
Now for some advice..would it be cheaper to rent a fountain or just buy one, if buying is cheaper where in the world could I find one? Comments are always appreciated!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  10/21/2008  | 
This is beautiful!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  10/21/2008  | 
Seems like renting for $400.00 is steep for me...Buying is expensive but cheaper because you can use it for other things.
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  10/22/2008  | 
I looked into renting and it was $650 +. My mom found a small home use one at Wal-Mart for $40, and we tested it out at her and my dad's 25th anniversary. You can buy the white chocolate wafers at a bulk store (make sure it has at least 35% cocoa butter so it flows smoothly), and then just add pink food colouring. It will save you a ton of money, and then you aren't bound by just the 3 hours most rental places give you.
soontobemrss's Pink wedding
 |  Tipton, IA, USA  |  10/22/2008  | 
You are very welcome! I can't wait to use mine!
I don't rememeber what mine is going to cost to rent...I'll have to look when I got home- but I know it wasn't $ 400(+). That is insane!
mauibride's Black wedding
 |  Haiku, HI, USA  |  10/22/2008  | 
I am buying 2 smaller fountains from oreaintal trading for $45 each and because my colors are dark brown and pink I will make one with the white chocolate and add pink food coloring and one with milk chocolate.
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