Oct 5, 2008

So I ended up going shopping for dresses with my Mom and Sister. I had a hole list ready to go of the ones I wanted her to try on.... They all looked like shit on her, I also tried them on to see what they might look like on the other girls.... and they looked like shit on me.

So after talking to the Sales lady for awhile she said she would put a few dresses a side while we looked at wedding gowns.

When we went back I have my Sister try this one on... and I couldn't believe how good it looked on her... So Tried it one and to my amasement it also look good on me.

Let me know what you think.

Main parts will be Navy and Accents will be in purple
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Brides maids dress
crystaljomo's Blue wedding
Ballwin, MO, USA
Who is this designer??
mandystar's Purple wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
This Dress is a Bella Maids by Venus

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