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Who says no to a bride?

So I just resently had a sit down with a flowerist and she told me that Purple Roses Wont work for my wedding and That I should pick something else .... She basicly said no I can't do want I wanted to do and That I should pick all different flowers. Well I left that store upset.

I ended up at a different flowerist and she was great, except I still cant have the tullips...But I can get over that. She didn't understand what had happend at the other place.

So new plan, Purple Roses...White Spider Mums, white stephanotis and Wax Flowers
nattynatbug's Black wedding
 |  Altamonte springs, FL, USA  |  11/23/2008  | 
hmmmm... .thats different. I wonder why she said you couldn't do that? Maybe she wouldn't have ben able to get them in or she was one of those people who thought you couldn't afford it. I've had that issue. I go into bridal shops with my baby and people turn their noses at me like I'm not good enough. Glad you found someone who could help you though
terabyte01's Blue wedding
 |  Austin, TX, USA  |  12/01/2008  | 
You can totally have purple flowers at your wedding! Can't believe she told you no. Sterling Roses are a beautiful pale lavender color and also are thorn-less. You should watch the movie Bed of Roses b/c they are featured in it. Tulips will be out of bloom by then. They last from March - June. You might be able to get some from non-traditional places where they grow, but they will cost you. Yes, don't take no for an answer and Good luck!
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Hey ladies. So today I received my flowers!!!! I was a little scared because of someone telling m...
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