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Jan 18, 2009

HELP!!! I can't find the right song

Hi Ladies,

I hope everyone's planning is going well!

I need help, I have been searching for that one perfect song that will describe us, for our first dance. I found it or so I thought! Better together - Jack Johnson
It is a great song and after listening to it together it makes so much sense for us. I had called my MOH and wanted to tell her about the song. I told her and then she informed me that, I should have heard that song before. I asked her where and she said well at my Wedding that is the song that her and her husband danced too. I was in total shock I didn't even remeber that....But i was running around so much that day I didn't even get to eat dinner. What do I do? She said she wouldn't mind if we had it too, but now it's not ours it's all of ours.

I just don't know what to do or what song to pick.

Any advise?
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Brampton, ON, Canada
haha this totally happened to me!  One of my choices was "luna' by the smashing pumpkins, and turned out the wedding we we're just at had that as their first dance:S  lol

welp smashing pumpkins is an option then for you! haha...
other nontraditional songs that I like:
-greeneyes by coldplay (this is what we're doing teehee:))
-mango tree by angus and julia stone (love this song)
-I'm yours by Jason Mraz
- Lucky by jason mraz and colbie
-falling in love at a coffee shop by Landon pigg
-or you could pick a different jack johnson song: angel, do you remember when...

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