Feb 3, 2009

So I've decided to go with cupcakes. It's different and also convenient for those who don't want to eat it at the wedding they can easily take it home. I've also found these very cool wrappers to go around them. My biggest probable with them is the price, mush more then I was wanting to spend. But I might have also come up with an idea of making them myself out of lace ribbon. It would be a little bit of work on my end but it could be very cool and different. I've posted a picture of the paper ones that inspired the whole idea. It would be the black wrapper, a silver cake liner, silver frosting and a hot pink cake. Not sure about flavor just yet. Also thought about putting a little chocolate letter "B" on top of each cake.
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The wrapper
the wrapper laid out.
fletcher2b's Purple wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
What a nice idea, I can see the picture in my mind.  Go for it, there is a lot fo teh craft work that youcan do ahead of time.

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