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Future Hubby's Hip Formal Wear

Well, my future hubby has a very contemporary style and the regular rental tux was not his cup of tea, or mine.

I searched online for different formal looks, and kept coming back to this one. I think it has the right mix of classic with a modern twist because of the bow tie. Funny enough it's pretty much exactly what my dad wore on his wedding day in the 70's. :)

We purchased a traditional tux for him. To buy instead of rent was only a difference of about $100.00. It really isn't much different than one that you would rent except for the fact that it will fit him perfectly. I ordered the oversized velvet bow tie online, and I have to say it looks pretty sharp.

Just thought I would share in case anyone is looking for alternative formal looks for their grooms or groomsmen.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  01/28/2009  | 
I'm an avid WBCer. So, I usually log on and look at each and every post from the last time I logged in from old to new (I'm addicted like that...and I don't want to miss any good ideas that might help me). But when I saw John Legend (1 of my favorite singers), I had to look at this 1 first. Drool....lol.

Anywho, onto the real reason I'm here, I think this tux definitely a little classic and a little modern.
retrobride's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/29/2009  | 
Thanks for your comments on my poster :) You're so sweet!
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