Wedding Planning
Feb 25, 2008

Bloggin' My Pants Off!


I have been maintaining a blog about my wedding planning adventures!
I do love the wedding by color site, but having my own blog gives me a chance to do a little more and I eventually want to turn the blog into a scrapbook.

So . . . check it out when you have a chance. Even better subscribe! I would love to hear from you all.

I want to get to a point where I have guest bloggers - but I need a following first :)

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Aisle Dreamin' -My Wedding Blog
Feb 25, 2008

Olio Style Invitations

When I first took a peek at the Wedding by Color website, I poured over all the pictures from most of the profiles.

I came across some adorable / beautiful invitations - that I just had to have.

A few months later, I have my own version of these invites!

See the pictures to the left.

I highly recommend Olio Style. I have ordered samples from many design shops and had have some great experiences - I must say. But working with Olio Style to design and purchase my invites was an INCREDIBLE experience. If there were an award for excellence in invitation creation, Olio wins hands down!
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Nov 22, 2007

I created this, this is my first stab.

Ideally if there are labels,stickers,favors - I want the monogram on it.

Needs more blue, I am sure this monogram will change 5 x before the wedding. :)

--- Thanks to Everyone for your great comments regarding my design monogram!!
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Chocolate Wedding Decoration
reservation cards
wedding bouquet
Centerpiece Idea
Nov 22, 2007

Made this with friends.

Wedding colors are chocolate and blue ( sort of a Pool/Turquoise).
Just an idea, reception might morph into a 'starry night'/'dreams come true' theme.

Boxes - (in store)
Wrapping paper in chocolate - (in store)
Ribbon in Pool - (in store)
Baroque Candelholders in turquosie/chocolate - Z Gallerie

Twinkle Cards (various sayings - ie; dream, joy,cheers, twinkle, shine . .) - (in store)
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Chocolate Centerpiece Idea
Chocolate Centerpiece Idea
Chocolate Centerpiece Idea
Chocolate Centerpiece Idea
Save the Date Magnet
Nov 22, 2007

Magnet Street Weddings
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save the date
Ceremony Site
Nov 22, 2007

(Daytime Wedding)

This is the ceremony site.
It is a lovely beach house on Lake Michigan in Chicago.
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Beach House
Long Walk Way on Promenade is the wedding aisle
Lights on Promenade
Exterior view from beach
Porticos overlooking lake michigan
Courtyard fountain for after- cermony toast and mingling.