May 16, 2008

Further to my Hpnotiq Matini Singature Drink blog and a fabulous question by sheloves in that blog got me thinking. Do I serve our signature drinks only at the cocktail hour? And if so do I only serve any other drinks or just the signature drinks?

I love Cosmos (my drink of choice) and thought it would be fun to have a martini bar...but I know not everyone likes Martinis since they tend to be rather strong.

I love the idea of a martini bar with a menu of our signature drinks.
Pink Martini for me (coincidence that my name is Marta...I think not)
Blue Martini to match our colors
White Chocolate martini again to match colors

Still have to think of some kind of virgin martini (sans the alcohol) since my fiance does not drink.

Would people be upset if they couldn't get what ever drink they wanted? Will it be a waste to have only signature drinks during cocktail hour?

I need some thoughts, ideas, commens and suggestions!

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Hpnotic Martini
martini bar
Pink Martini
white chocolate martini
ralais's Pink wedding
Jacksonville, FL, USA
I like the signature drink idea.  I thought about serving a strawberry lemonade as my signature drink since it's pink...

On your menu, maybe you could call them marta-rini's for the day.  Maybe italize your name then regular block for the "rini."
megg71809gene's Pink wedding
Corning, NY, USA
I think signature drinks are a great idea... besides don't worry too much if people get upset... its YOUR wedding. Do what you want. :)
tiffbride's Blue wedding
Danville, CA, USA
I am having a signature blue drink as well, but having a list of other drinks. My guests iwll not be doing patron shots all night. hahaa. But I am giving them the option of 7-8 different drinks, we will also have beer on tap..
schokolade's Blue wedding
Markham, ON, Canada
I think creating a menu of 5 signature drink in different colours would be awesome (u already have 3 anyway!).  Having a martini bar with limited menu might be tricky.  Your best bet is prob having the servers going around with your signature drinks on tray!

Most people would actually be intrigued with the colours and be glad that you made the selection for them cuz they don't know what to order at the bar anyway.  They'd prob end up loving it and order it after dinner!

You don't actually have to just serve martini, u could serve some frozen drink in martini glass (with or without alcohol).  Your guests could have their usual drinks during/after dinner.
schokolade's Blue wedding
Markham, ON, Canada
Another thing, if you're paying for open bar during cocktail instead of pay per consumption, I'd get the bartender(s) to not make it strong.  And for people who don't drink, just do the exact same drinks sans alcohol.
marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
We're having unlimited open bar through the entire reception. We're paying per hour (well its included in the price of the reception/food etc) so our guests can drink all they want. But I agree that stronger drinks are a cost saver if you're paying per drink etc.
's  wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
I am having a cocktail reception with no sit down dinner and will be having cosmos and chocolate martinis with a couple other cocktails along with a champagne cocktail with orange liqueur (colors are orange and brown) and wines and beer.  I would just have the Martinis at the cocktail hour and don't make them too strong as I experienced a friend's wedding last summer and it got out of hand and make sure you have enough to eat during that time.  Martinis are a before dinner drink and just serve your other drinks after dinner.  It is your wedding and do not worry if all you have at the cocktail hour is your drinks.  If you are wondering about a mocktail maybe just have a nice punch and they can serve themselves.  I was just going to do a virgin cosmo for those people or have virgin Bellini's - sparkling water with peach juice.

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