Pose and pose
Pose and pose
Blue We did it! Checking in before off to Vegas! Marta is a Mrs!Blue We did it! Checking in before off to Vegas! Marta is a Mrs!Blue We did it! Checking in before off to Vegas! Marta is a Mrs!Blue We did it! Checking in before off to Vegas! Marta is a Mrs!Blue We did it! Checking in before off to Vegas! Marta is a Mrs!Pose and pose

We did it! Checking in before off to Vegas!
Marta is a Mrs!

Just wanted to share a few photos and say thank you for all the kind comments and messages. It was the best night of my life and I've never been happier, everything was perfect. We're off to Vegas but I needed to share with my WBC family a few photos. Love you girls.

mrsdavis2b's Blue wedding
 |  Lexington park, MD, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations!  Enjoy Vegas!
poshbride's Blue wedding
 |  Newport news, VA, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Marta you look beautiful!

Congrats and enjoy Vegas...

We are going to honeymoon in Vegas
too...let me know about your stay : )

Be blessed and safe travels...
hotpink's Pink wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  05/31/2009  | 
you looked stunning! congrats...have fun in Vegas :)
specialk2122's Purple wedding
 |  Fountain hills, AZ, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congrats! Everything looked beautiful!
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
You guys looked ravishing! Congrads with princess ring flashing  

amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations Marta, you look beautiful! So glad to hear your wedding was amazing! Have a great time in Vegas!
's  wedding
 |  Dartmouth, NS, Canada  |  05/31/2009  | 
thirty3thirty's Chocolate wedding
 |  Mableton, GA, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations Marta you look beautiful!!! Enjoy your honeymoon
luisapr517's Pink wedding
 |  Saint paul, MN, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations, Have a wonderful time in Vegas =) !

Hot Comments!
kialin2011's Blue wedding
 |  Reisterstown, MD, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
congratulations! you look so pretty. have fun in vegas and a have a safe trip.
's  wedding
 |  Albany, NY, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
i really hope you enjoyed your day
you look great

when your back and rested can you please help me
i need help with mongram?

enjoy your self in vegas
peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
 |  Ocean springs, MS, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Marta you look stunning!  Your a Mrs. now! Hope you all hit the jackpot in Vegas!  Congrats & Best Wishes!
bugchick0's Purple wedding
 |  Chesapeake, VA, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations!  You and your husband make a good looking couple!  I think your cake was very pretty!  Have fun in Vegas and best wishes to the new happy couple!!:)
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Awww you look beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your honeymoon!
vintagebabe's Green wedding
 |  Saranac lake, NY, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a twin sister?
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congrats gurl. Wishing you many, many blessed years together. You looked beautiful.
vintagebride09's Black wedding
 |  Downey, CA, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
You look absolutely beautiful. Congrats
's  wedding
 |  Arecibo, 00, Puerto rico  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations!! You look beautiful!!!
Have a great honeymoon!!
Many blessings to you both!!! :)
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
look at my hot friend!!!!  I thought about you almost all day at my Shower yesterday!  Congratulations & I wish you the best honeymoon ever!  Love ya!
pinkg21's Blue wedding
 |  Lakeland, FL, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congrats and you look wonderful together! Enjoy the honeymoon!:)
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Fairfax, VA, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
wow---such beautiful pictures!  :-)  Have fun in Vegas!
's  wedding
 |  Vancouver, BC, Canada  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!  so happy you had fun!  :)
thatpinkbride's Pink wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congrats!  i LOVE THE MIRROR PIC:)
pinkylv's Blue wedding
 |  Pickering, ON, Canada  |  05/31/2009  | 
Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs!  You look so beautiful and happy!
's  wedding
 |  Warren, MI, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
CONGRATS! you look so gorgeous! can't wait to see more pics :) Vegas is awesome, have fun!
's  wedding
 |  Philadelphia, PA, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
Congrats!!!! You look so pretty!!! Enjoy your honeymoon...
littlelady93's Pink wedding
 |  Saint louis, MO, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
You made a beautiful bride! CONGRATS!!!
saucy209's Black wedding
 |  Manteca, CA, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
wow...ur look gorgeous.....cant wait to see the other pics...congrats and have fun on your honeymoon!!
fletcher2b's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  06/01/2009  | 
Congratulations!  U both look so nice.  Enjoy your honeymoon, I've been there and I will go back in a heart beat.

By the way I really like the picture where you guys are cutting the cake.
's  wedding
 |  Chesapeake, VA, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
You look stunning in your photos! The dress, birdcage veil, hair look so awesome on you. Love it! Congratulations =>
surprisebride's Green wedding
 |  Victoria, BC, Canada  |  06/01/2009  | 
Congratulations! Enjoy your honeymoon :)
youandmetimes2's Pink wedding
 |  San rafael, CA, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
Congrats! you look Beautiful! enjoy your honeymoon  :) Can't wait to see the rest!
's  wedding
 |  Peterborough, ON, Canada  |  06/01/2009  | 
beautiful photo's :) you looked gorgeous, love your cake too :)
's  wedding
 |  Cork, La massana, Ireland  |  06/01/2009  | 
Congratulations you looked beautiful
heatherandwilliam's Pink wedding
 |  Canonsburg, PA, USA  |  06/01/2009  | 
Congratulations! Your wedding looks like it was stunning! I have to say that your blog is the first one I came across over a year ago and it is so cool to see how it turned out. I'm glad everything went smooth and perfect. I can't wait to see more pictures. Best wishes to the both of you.
's  wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  06/02/2009  | 
Oh Marta! you looked so beautiful, you looked like a superstar!  Congratulations to you adn I cant wait for you to come back to see all of the details....
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
 |  Mobile, AL, USA  |  06/02/2009  | 
Congrats Marta!!  Your blog was actually the first one I ever put into my faves lol...so I CAN'T WAIT to see more pics from your wedding!!  I know all of your hard work, time, and effort must've definitely paid off in the end!!  Enjoy Vegas...and congrats again to you and Dwayne!! ;-)
vintagebabe's Green wedding
 |  Lake placid, NY, USA  |  06/02/2009  | 
I've got to know if that was her twin sister in that one picture with her! They're identical! lol
futuremrscarrejola's Purple wedding
 |  Brampton, ON, Canada  |  06/02/2009  | 
congratulations! you look stunning! enjoy Vegas :) thanks for sharing the pics!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  06/05/2009  | 
Thank you soooo sooo much for the kind comments!!!! I'm slowly coming down from cloud 9. We had a fabulous time in Vegas!

yes I have a twin sister lol she was my MOH.

I'm still trying to gather all the non-pro pics and hopefully will have pro pics soon as well.
corumj's Red wedding
 |  Goldsboro, NC, USA  |  06/07/2009  | 
congratulations.  I know it was a lovely wedding.  All your hard work paid off!!!!!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  06/12/2009  | 
Shoonta I just noticed you said you need monogram help...I cant click on your page so please send me an email through here and we'll discuss.
brandbre's Purple wedding
 |  Stone mountain, GA, USA  |  06/15/2009  | 
Your hair was very pretty!!! You guys looked really good!
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