Jan 7, 2009

Is it just me that has no clue what I want? I really need to order my dress and I thought I found THE ONE but now I just dont know. WHen i look at other dresses on the internet I chaged my mind sso i went back thinking all I have to do is put the dress on and I will love it again...well i didn't, i was over it. So now I have no clue what i want. My MOH and I are going to go to some bridal shops (what few maui has) on sunday but I'm just kind of over it. But if i dont order something soon I may not have a dress come wedding day... I'm scared to find something and love it , order it and change my mind again. Have any of you have these feelings? here are a bunch that i liked on line which one do you think would look nice on me? remember i am on the heavy side. Thanks ladies I know someone will understand.
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Black Wedding Dress Okay so I am over the first two dresses I tried on...
Black Wedding Dress Okay so I am over the first two dresses I tried on...
Black Wedding Dress Okay so I am over the first two dresses I tried on...
Black Wedding Dress Okay so I am over the first two dresses I tried on...
Black Wedding Dress Okay so I am over the first two dresses I tried on...
lindseymuise's Chocolate wedding
Glace bay, NS, Canada
i tryed on 7 dresses before i purchased by dress. and it was by 4th dress i tryed on.....i know thats pretty quicket but onces you try on the one you love you will know
when you know you will know its the dress. dont settle till u find the right on. but once you purchase your dress you have to stop looking or u will find more and more that you like and then you will have douts on your dress. so lli love the 4th one over  20042230
pearaholic's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
What elements of these dresses do you like? Is it the colour? Style? Cut? There are a few with halter style tops in your inspiration pics.  Pick an element that you really like that works for you.  (Lol- mine was 'black' - bring me every dress that has black detailing!!)  You'll probably always find more dresses that have parts that you love (can't get away from the dress pics when looking at anything wedding-related!).  

My best advice- get a dress with really good structure.  Yes, they often cost a bit more, but you might even save the same amount on alterations and undergarments!  I have a 34E/32F chest (don't get me started!) and the corseting in my dress is so amazing that I don't even need a bra.  Good luck and don't stress yourself out too much so that you panic and order something just because you feel like you should.  Once you find something and you're happy- stop looking as much as possible!  LOL
tiggre99's Red wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
You'll find it---don't get discouraged!  I like the 2nd one (1818) and 6 (J5707a) and 7 (JSM1093) but honestly you will have to try them on.  It looks like you like the halter corset type with the pouffy pick up skirt style---tell the bridal shop this is the dress you are looking for and they will help you find "the one".  I tried on like 10 white dresses that didn't impress me..I found one that I "liked" but wasn't wowed by it.  I saw a pic of my red dress online---did a major hunt for it and found one similar and when I tried it on I knew it was "the one".  So don't give up, just find out what you like about the dresses adn go from there!  Good luck!
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Just dont get something if you arent feeling it, and dont get something for the sake of it. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that you just want to get things over with you will find the dress, I got mine online. I also didnt try one dress on I saw it in a magazine got myself professionally measured and have all the dresses now and they are perfect. So dont give up hope!
srflowers2002's Orange wedding
Houston, TX, USA
I hear ya girl. I'm a size 14.  I've lost some weight though and trying to keep it off.  Have you tried David's Bridal.  Going to the website does not do the dresses justice.  The ladies at the store are so helpful and they will know just what will look good on our figures.  I bought mine there!! The minute I tried it on I fell in love.  They always have good deals and coupons if you register online.  Good luck!

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